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Part 66: Von Muir p. 53-59: "Chapter 5: Edward and the Lion of Earth"

Von Muir p. 53-59: "Chapter 5: Edward and the Lion of Earth"

Hashmal is the Esper of Earth, associated with the sign of Leo. His motivation is similar to that of Chaos, seeking order in the chaos of existence, except that he never succumbed to nihilistic despair. Rather, his rebellion was an optimistic one, as he believed that the world, mankind, and even the gods could be brought around to order under the proper direction. While he did not have the strength to change the world and was felled by the gods, his station as the keeper of the Pharos is almost a reward rather than a punishment, as he tests the resolve and character of those who would take world-changing power for themselves.

Despite his imposing physique, he was sealed when his power was at its wane, and so Hashmal's contribution to the party's strength is limited. Balthier can learn the Steal Technick, Basch can reduce his spell costs by 10%, and Penelo can acquire the Bonecrusher Technick.

Writing Assignment 13

Choose a summoner for Hashmal and, in 100 words or less, explain why that character is the most appropriate choice. Tag spoilers and show your work. Remember that this is an essay contest, not a popular vote!

Writing Assignment 13 due!

Good essays as usual, but Onmi has apparently been keeping this one in reserve for a while now, and it has aged quite well. Despite the way I paired the characters for the Job assignment updates, the nice thing about the writing here is that most of the cast acts as a foil, in some fashion, to everyone else. For examples, Penelo is as tenaciously devoted to the cause of protecting her companions as Basch is, but without needing the trappings of Honor as a focus, while Vaan aspires to be the very model of the free-wheeling sky pirate that Balthier wears as a mask. In this case, the game has been establishing Vaan as Ashe's equal in sorrow and vengeance since the beginning, but also pushing him to let go before she does. As he finds his own peace within his turbulent thoughts, and with the blunt honesty to speak truth to power, he becomes a mirror for her to visualize her own return to order, and thus Vaan proves himself worthy of Hashmal's blessing.

Onmi posted:

Vaan should control Hashmal. Vaan has constantly been drifting since Jahana with nothing solid to grasp onto, save for the fact that Ashe is who he believes will give him purpose. And she will, she has toed the line so close to villain, that the next moment is going to push her over the edge if not for Vaan. His heroic task, his entire reason for being here was not to save the world, it was to save her. He brings her to order at the climax of her journey. Vaan is the bringer of order, Hashmal given form.