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Part 68: Von Muir p. 59-63: "Chapter 6: Edward and the Trial of the Dark Water"

Von Muir p. 59-63: "Chapter 6: Edward and the Trial of the Dark Water"

Famfrit is the Esper of Water, associated with the sign of Aquarius. Like his elemental opposite, Belias, he was yet another unwanted creation of the gods, but even more powerful and hideous, twisting and poisoning the land over which he rained. Fighting the gods in despair of his own damned existence, his punishment was to be sealed for eternity in a steel prison, devoid of light, and left to rot in a forgotten corner of the world. Ripped from his peaceful damnation by Cid and the power of his nethicite, Famfrit can still fight from within his armored cell, but yet can neither see nor be seen.

The armor of his prison has well-preserved Famfrit's mighty powers, which can in turn be bestowed onto the party. Balthier can gain two points of Strength, Fran can learn to cast Vanishga, Warp, Reflectga, Slowga, Graviga, and Hastega Magicks, Basch can gain a point of Strength, Ashe can gain the use of the Platinum Dagger, the Orichalcum Dirk, and the Numerology Technick, and Penelo can improve the effectiveness of her Potions.

Writing Assignment 14

Choose a summoner for Famfrit and, in 100 words or less, explain why that character is the most appropriate choice. Tag spoilers and show your work. Remember that this is an essay contest, not a popular vote!

Writing Assignment 14 due!

Well, there was a not-entirely-unexpected near-consensus on this one, to put our new esper under the command of Fran. But I especially liked Indeterminacy and Catling Gun's essays which drew parallels between Fran taking Famfrit from Cid to the way she took Balthier, née Ffamran, from him. We see at the end of the Pharos that Fran is a selfless "owner" for Balthier, telling him to fly to freedom rather than risk trying to save her. We can only hope that Famfrit's "servitude" will be equally benign, and that he might one day earn that same freedom.

Indeterminacy posted:

There is considerable narrative momentum in the machinist Fran accepting guardianship of Dr Cid's armoured monstrosity, in that it thematically represents her taking up his place in Balthier's motivations. Fran shares both Cid's passion for knowledge and affinity for the mechanical, and his desire for freedom from the constraints that the outside world imposes, but where Cid's life of relative luxury led him to be disconnected and obsessive in his idealistic pursuit of authority, Fran's worldly wisdom and compassion might help both Famfrit and Balthier find release from the ghosts that keep them trapped.

Catling Gun posted:

One thing that really struck me about this esper was its obvious connections to Balthier. Their names are similar (Cid still calls him Ffamran), and Cid also tried to seal him in a "steel prison" by stuffing him in the armor of a Judge, and seems pretty dedicated to breaking the "peaceful damnation" of his life of piracy. It's almost like Cid is using the esper to replace the son he lost.
So, where did Balthier go after he was done with his father? To Fran, of course!