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Part 83: Module 1 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 1 Summary

- Two years into the occupation of Rabanastre, corruption and poverty are rampant. The war left many orphaned and homeless, and the occupying forces force them into the city's underground. Class frictions are at an all-time high.
- To combat the instability in the city, Archadia installs the emperor's son, Vayne Solidor, as consul of Rabanastre. Vayne makes a plea to the citizens of the city, calling for a peaceful transition in honor of Dalmasca's former rulers.
- Upset by Vayne's words, a young street thief, Vaan, resolves to use Vayne's welcoming banquet as cover to steal treasure from the royal palace, keeping it from the Empire's hands. Despite the warnings and supervision of his friend, Penelo, Vaan successfully penetrates the palace and discovers an impressive piece of magicite in its secret treasure vault. However, Vaan arrives only slightly before two sky pirates, Balthier and Fran, who had similar plans, and an attack by a squad of Dalmascan resistance fighters led by former Knight Captain Vossler Azelas.
- The resistance meets unexpected heavy opposition, including the Archadian cruiser Ifrit. Balthier and Fran attempt to escape from the war zone with Vaan and the magicite in tow, but their hoverbike malfunctions and crashes.


Magicite - a mineral containing a significant amount of magickal energy. Magicite is naturally occurring, and the energy stored within can be extracted for spellcasting or industrial applications.
Paling - a magickal forcefield that resists physical impacts. Most settlements of a certain size maintain a paling to protect from aerial bombardment, and some monsters can generate a paling around their body as well.

Bazaar Packages
Unassuming Surcoat (1x Earth Stone, 2x Wolf Pelt)
Potion Pack (2x Cactus Fruit)
Antidote Set (2x Drab Wool)

Bestiary Entries
001 - Cactoid
003 - Wolf
008 - Hyena
020 - Dire Rat

01 - Rogue Tomato
02 - Thextera

Rare Game
52 - Ripe Rampager
61 - Dustia

Balthier (Assault Striker) - Awarded for Attacking over 300 times.
Vaan (Master Thief) - Awarded for successfully Stealing over 50 times.
Vayne (Premier Prestidigitator) - Awarded for using Technicks over 100 times.