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Part 84: Module 2 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 2 Summary

- Having crashed into the waterways, Vaan, Balthier, and Fran attempt to escape from the palace, alongside the resistance leader, Amalia. The four are arrested as they leave Garamsythe, and Amalia is separated from the group, who are imprisoned in Nalbina Fortress.
- The party attempts to escape Nalbina to avoid four bounty hunters who are searching for Balthier. In the basements of Nalbina, they discover Captain Basch, still alive, being interrogated by his twin brother, a Judge in the employ of Archadia's House Solidor.
- Basch explains that he was framed for Raminas' murder, but Vaan doubts him and blames him for the death of Vaan's brother, Reks. However, the four work together to escape through the abandoned tunnels of the Barheim Passage and return to Rabanastre.


Sky Pirate - a stateless mercenary who travels by airship. Many sky pirates operate under contract with Archadia to avoid being attacked by the Imperial military. Common professions for sky pirates include bounty hunting, treasure hunting, and, occasionally, piracy.

Bazaar Packages
Eye Drop Set (2x Demon Eyeball)
Tail of the Phoenix (3x Small Feather)

Bestiary Entries
005 - Cockatrice
024 - Garchimacera
028 - Steeling
032 - Tiny Mimic
034 - Battery Mimic
036 - Tiny Battery
038 - Flan
275 - Firemane
277 - Mimic Queen
378 - Imperial

03 - Flowering Cactoid

Chocobo (Wayfarer) - Awarded for taking over 50,000 steps.
Fran (Spellsinger) - Awarded for casting Magicks over 200 times.

World Map