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Part 85: Module 3 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 3 Summary

- Returning to Rabanastre, Basch attempts to rejoin the Resistance, but finds them mixed in their willingness to trust him, including his old comrade Vossler. Basch is given probationary freedom and warned that the Resistance will be watching his actions. However, Vaan is persuaded by Basch's valor, and no longer blames him for Reks' death.
- After learning that Penelo has been kidnapped by the bounty hunter, Ba'Gamnan, to get to him, Balthier reluctantly agrees to take the party to Bhujerba to rescue her. There, they are joined by Prince Larsa Solidor of Archadia, Vayne's younger brother, who is secretly investigating Imperial involvement in the magicite mines. Larsa flees when the party encounters Ba'Gamnan, but finds Penelo leaving the mines and takes her with him to Ondore's estate for her safety.
- Vaan secures an audience with Ondore, hoping to reach Penelo, but learns that she and Larsa have already left the city. Basch asks for help in freeing Amalia, and Ondore has the group arrested and sent to the Dreadnought Leviathan, where she is being held. Amalia is revealed to be Princess Ashe, having lived under a false identity since she was announced to have committed suicide.
- The party escapes and frees Ashe with the help of Vossler, placed undercover as an Imperial guard with Ondore's help. Larsa reunites Penelo with Vaan and makes an alliance with Ashe, promising to investigate the corruption that led to her and Basch's erroneous death proclaimations. The party defeats Judge Ghis and escapes the Leviathan, but leaves behind the Goddess's Magicite, which is the proof of Ashe's royal lineage.


Mist - free-floating magickal energy. Mist can be extracted from magicite and harnessed for spellcasting or industrial use. High concentrations of Mist are known to cause mutations in beasts.
Skystone - a type of magicite that powers the levitation and propulsion of airships.
Nethicite - magicite that absorbs magickal energy rather than slowly releasing it.

Bazaar Packages
First Aid Kit (3x Large Feather)
Hi-Potion Pack (1x Rainbow Egg) (Repeatable)
Assorted Leathers (2x Dark Stone, 1x Tanned Hide, 2x Wolf Pelt)
Bow & Bodkin (1x Bat Fang, 2x Dark Stone, 2x Rat Pelt)
Marksman's Delight (3x Dark Stone, 2x Fish Scale, 1x Green Liquid)
Forgotten Grimoire (Speak to Gatsly in Muthru Bazaar after Thextera hunt)

Bestiary Entries
018 - Slaven
033 - Skeleton
039 - Skull Defender
279 - Ba'Gamnan (a) (b)
379 - Judge Ghis
380 - Imperial Elite (a) (b)

04 - Wraith
05 - Nidhogg
33 - Cluckatrice (a) (b)
34 - Rocktoise

Rare Game
41 - Aerieel

Basch (Blood Dancer) - Awarded for felling over 500 foes.
Montblanc (The Unrelenting) - Awarded for completing a 50-Chain in battle.

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