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Part 86: Module 4 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 4 Summary

- Ashe meets with Ondore to discuss the political situation left to them by Vayne. By pressing Ondore to announce Ashe's suicide, Vayne alienated him from the Rabanastrian Resistance and made it impossible for Ashe to claim sovereignty over Dalmasca without proof of her identity. With that proof stolen and the recent losses in the failed raid on the palace in Rabanastre, Ondore believes Ashe to be powerless to fight Archadia and urges her to remain in Bhujerba, under his protection.
- Ashe reveals that the tomb of her ancestor, King Raithwall, holds another relic which can verify her bloodline and identity. Unwilling to wait impotently, Ashe hires Balthier and Fran to take her to Raithwall's tomb, promising the treasure within as a reward. Basch, Vaan, and Penelo all elect to follow Ashe rather than remain in Bhujerba.
- Vossler catches up to Ashe in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea and reports that Ondore is under too much Imperial scrutiny to act directly in the aid of the Resistance. Ashe confirms that she is seeking out the Dawn Shard, and Vossler follows, believing it to be the quickest path to restoring Dalmasca.
- Meanwhile, the health of Emperor Gramis of Archadia begins to fail. Wary of Vayne's machinations and the political maneuvering of the Senate, he orders Basch's brother, Gabranth, to guard Larsa carefully against both.


Jagd - a region with a naturally high concentration of Mist. This heavy Mist interferes with the magicite that powers airships and often causes mutations in the local wildlife.

Bazaar Packages
Gilt Shield (3x Fire Stone, 3x Molting)
Tinctures & Tonics (4x Succulent Fruit)
Wooden Pole (5x Bone Fragment, 4x Earth Stone, 3x Succulent Fruit)
Large Gloves (3x Bent Staff)
Forgotten Grimoire (Open any shop 100 times)
Forgotten Grimoire (Check Notice Board 20 times)

Bestiary Entries
016 - Urstrix
050 - Alraune
052 - Axebeak
053 - Yensa
132 - Bagoly
189 - Speartongue
192 - Slime
374 - Urutan-Yensa (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

08 - Wyvern Lord

Rare Game
34 - Imdugud
48 - Pineapple
50 - Megabomb
80 - Urutan Exile

Penelo (Plunderer) - Awarded for acquiring over 100,000 gil.

World Map