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Part 87: Module 5 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 5 Summary

- The party successfully navigates the Tomb of Raithwall and defeats the Esper Belias, set there to protect the Dawn Shard by Raithwall himself. Ashe reveals that Belias is the treasure she promised Balthier, and that the Esper is now sworn to their service, to Balthier's disappointment. Ashe receives the Dawn Shard, seeing a ghostly apparition of Rasler.
- As they leave with the Dawn Shard, the team is ambushed by the Imerial 8th Fleet, which has somehow managed to navigate the Jagd Yensa. Judge Ghis reveals that the Dawn Shard is actually a piece of deifacted nethicite, and that Vossler has secretly negotiated a deal in which Ashe would be allowed to reclaim her throne in exchange for the Dawn Shard and cooperation with the Empire.
- Ghis attempts to test the power of the Dawn Shard using the Leviathan's engine, but inadvertently triggers a chain reaction that drives Fran berserk, allowing the party to free their bonds. Vossler attempts to stop Ashe from escaping, but is defeated. The party manages to escape the blast radius just as the Dawn Shard explodes with Mist, killing Ghis and Vossler and destroying the Leviathan and most of the 8th Fleet.
- Vayne is recalled to Archadia by the Senate to answer for the loss of the 8th Fleet. Ondore takes advantage of the distraction to begin unifying resistance groups, and Rozzaria mobilizes their military in response to Archadia's perceived weakness.


Esper - a powerful being created by the gods to serve some purpose, but then rejected by the gods and bound to the mortal plane. Defeating an Esper grants their fealty and the ability to manifest them for a short time.
Deifacted Nethicite - nethicite created by the gods, as opposed to manufacted nethicite. Deifacted nethicite has a higher potential to absorb Mist, and can also release its collected energy violently. Three pieces of deifacted nethicite are known to exist, and direct descendents of their original holder, King Raithwall, can use them to verify their bloodline.

Bazaar Packages
Light Spear (2x Foul Flesh, 2x Horn, 3x Wind Stone)
Iron-forged Blade (3x Earth Stone, 2x Foul Flesh, 3x Iron Scraps)
Rain of Tears (3x Green Liquid, 4x Water Stone, 1x Yensa Scale)
Forgotten Grimoire (Open any weapon shop 30 times)

Bestiary Entries
031 - Zombie
056 - Seeker
058 - Lesser Chimera
061 - Lich
062 - Ragoh
262 - Belias, the Gigas
281 - Demon Wall

Rare Game
43 - Barmuu

Steal - attempts to steal items from an enemy. An enemy may have up to three items for stealing, each with a different chance of success, and Steal tests for success in order of decreasing rarity. Steal does not change the items the enemy drops when defeated. Steal can only succeed once against each enemy.

Libra - sets the Libra status on the user. Having an active party member with Libra allows the player to see traps and enhanced information about nearby enemies. Some enemies are immune to being scanned with Libra.

First Aid - restores up to 20% of max HP to an ally in critical health.

Charge - restores 1-1.5 times the user's level in MP. Success rate is equal to percentage of user's MP missing. Failure reduces MP to 0. Also refills the Mist Gauge. IZJS MP restoration is increased from vanilla.

Horology - deals damage to enemies in range equal to user's level times the square of the ones digit in the minutes of the game timer. Success rate is 90%. IZJS success rate and damage are increased from vanilla.

Poach - instantly kills enemy at critical health to gain an item. An enemy may have a common poach item and a rare poach item. Poaching an enemy will not yield experience, License Points, or normal item drops, and will not affect the current Battle Chain. Success rate is 80%. Blocked by Safety passive ability.

Infuse - sets target's current HP to user's current MP times 10. Reduces user's MP to zero.

Numerology - deals 1 damage on first hit, and doubles damage and reduces accuracy on each successive hit. Resets hit counter on a miss. Has a chance to also hit nearby enemies for double target's damage. Blocked by Safety passive ability. Saving the game does not reset the hit counter. IZJS charge time is decreased and accuracy is increased from vanilla.

Sight Unseeing - reduces target's HP to single digits, between 0 and 8. User must be afflicted with Blind. Success rate is 20%. Blocked by Safety passive ability. IZJS success rate is increased from vanilla.

Shades of Black - randomly casts any Black Magick with no MP cost. IZJS charge time is decreased from vanilla. IZJS also increases list of possible Magicks and weights all Magicks equally, increasing the chances of casting high-level spells like Flare or Scourge from about 1% to 4%.