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Part 88: Module 6 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 6 Summary

- Having witnessed the destructive power of the Dawn Shard, and realizing that Vayne controls the other two relics of Raithwall, Ashe resolves to use the Dawn Shard to fight Archadia and restore Dalmasca. She hires Balthier to guide her south to Jahara, the land of the garif, in order to learn the operation of nethicite. However, the garif do not know anything about using nethicite, and the chief of the garif reveals that the Dawn Shard's power is drained and will not be restored for generations.
- While in Jahara, Ashe is approached by Larsa, who is still independently investigating the Empire's nethicite research. He asks Ashe to accompany him to Mt. Bur-Omisace, where she can be recognized as the heir of Dalmasca. Larsa wants Ashe to negotiate for peace with Archadia, preventing Ondore's resistance forces from attacking and provoking a bloody war with Rozarria.
- Ashe initially resists Larsa's offer, offended by the concept of treating with the Empire, until confronted with the realization that a war between Archadia and Rozarria would be fought within Dalmasca. Faced with this reality, and with Vaan looking to her for moral guidance, Ashe agrees to Larsa's proposal.
- Meanwhile, Emperor Gramis is aware of Larsa's efforts, and is counting on Ashe to delay Ondore long enough for the Empire to replace the destroyed 8th Fleet. Vayne is positioning himself to take direct, unilateral control of the Archadian military through the Judges, although the Senate, and some of the Judges, are uncomfortable with his consolidation of power.


Garif - a primitive humanoid race that lives in the plains south of Dalmasca. The most obvious feature of the garif is their ceremonial masks, which they wear from birth until death. The garif live as hunter-gatherers and eschew technology and manufacturing, prizing harmony with nature and magick, but they have good relations with hume civilizations and freely offer aid to travelers and adventurers that earn their respect.
The Light of Kiltia - a polytheistic religion, one of the dominant belief systems in Ivalice. Its primary temple and holy city is on Mt. Bur-Omisace, and is considered neutral territory by both Archadia and Rozarria. The head of the religion, the Gran Kiltias, can advise or recognize the leaders of nations, but Kiltia in general does not interfere in politics.

Bazaar Packages
Back Harness (2x Foul Flesh, 2x Horn, 3x Wind Stone)
Traveler's Garb (3x Earth Stone, 2x Foul Flesh, 3x Iron Scraps)
Golden Garb (3x Green Liquid, 4x Water Stone, 1x Yensa Scale)
Forgotten Grimoire (Check Notice Board 40 times)
Forgotten Grimoire (Open any armor shop 15 times)
Forgotten Grimoire (Open any magick shop 25 times)

Bestiary Entries
002 - Ichthon
009 - Wooly Gator
010 - Happy Bunny
012 - Sleipnir
017 - Storm Elemental
022 - Gigantoad
029 - Suriander
030 - Mimic
040 - Bomb
064 - Mesmenir
065 - Chocobo
066 - Wu
067 - Zu
068 - Viper
069 - Zaghnal
113 - Worgen
117 - Vulture

07 - Ring Wyrm
09 - Marilith
10 - Enkelados
11 - Croakadile
36 - Gil Snapper

Rare Game
03 - Greeden
04 - Bull Croc
12 - Rain Dancer
20 - Nekhbet
22 - Cultsworn Lich
55 - Ithuno
58 - Aeros
67 - Fideliant

Migelo (Privateer) - Awarded for selling over 1000 pieces of loot.

World Map