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Part 89: Module 7 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 7 Summary

- Passing through Golmore Jungle on the way to Mt. Bur-Omisace, the party is stopped by a magickal barrier. This forces Fran to return to her former village, Eruyt, where she learns that her little sister Mjrn has gone missing.
- With Larsa's help, Fran tracks Mjrn to the Henne Mines, a magicite mine under Imperial control, and finds both Archadian soldiers and researchers from Draklor Laboratory dead or wounded throughout the mines. Mjrn is found deep inside the mine, possessed by a spirit from a piece of manufacted nethicite, and having awakened the monster that attacked the Imperials. The monster is defeated and the nethicite destroyed, freeing Mjrn from its influence.
- Mjrn explains that she was captured while investigating the Imperial presence in the mine and subjected to an experiment to artificially induce a Mist-rage with manufacted nethicite. Fran returns Mjrn to the village, and her older sister, Jote, grants the party leave to continue to Bur-Omisace.


Viera - a humanoid race with long, rabbit-like ears and an innate sensitivity to Mist. Viera live in isolated communities in wooded areas and shun outsiders. Male and female viera form separate villages, and divide themselves within these villages into wood-warders, who act as hunters and military, and salve-makers, who act as healers and foragers.
Green Word - a principle of cultural isolation practiced by the viera. Viera must remain with the forest of their village and avoid contact with outsiders, and those who willingly leave are considered to no longer be viera.

Bazaar Packages
Arrows Alight (2x Crooked Fang, 4x Fire Stone)
Hollow-shaft Arrows (5x Bat Fang, 3x Water Magicite, 1x Yellow Liquid)
Burning Blade (6x Fire Stone, 2x Lumber, 2x Malboro Vine)
Matching Reds (3x Couerl Pelt, 3x Dark Magicite, 2x Quality Hide)
Smelling Salts, &c. (4x Malboro Vine)
Eye Openers (4x Chocobo Feather)
Burning Fangs (6x Fire Stone, 2x Lumber, 2x Malboro Vine)
Gilt Phylactery (1x Tattered Garment)
Vaccine Pack (1x Demon's Sigh) (Repeatable)
Ranger's Crossbow (4x Crooked Fang, 1x Ice Stone, 2x Yellow Liquid)

Bestiary Entries
007 - Dive Talon
013 - Silicon Tortoise
014 - Wildsnake
015 - Werewolf
023 - Malboro Overking
027 - Water Elemental
051 - Danbania
054 - Wyvern
057 - Lost Soul
059 - Zombie Mage
060 - Skull Warrior
066 - Tallow
072 - Panther
073 - Treant
076 - Malboro
077 - Gargoyle
078 - Great Malboro
080 - Jelly
085 - Nightmare
099 - Redmaw
197 - Buer
269 - Adrammelech, the Wroth
283 - Tiamat
284 - Earth Tyrant
285 - Elder Wyrm

06 - White Mousse
12 - Ixtab
35 - Orthros

Rare Game
13 - Razorfin
28 - Midgardsormr
71 - Drowned

World Map