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Part 94: Module 13 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 13 Summary

- While the rest of the party ponders the Occuria's offer, Balthier realizes that Cid is not coming to Giruvegan; his words were a feint to bring Ashe to the Occuria. Unable to figure out Cid's motivations, Ashe decides to focus on finding the Sun-Cryst, although she remains ambivalent about what to do when they find it.
- The party returns to Balfonheim, where they find Reddas directing a rescue operation for an expedition fleet he had sent to investigate a lighthouse in the Naldoan Sea mentioned in Cid's notes. The unnaturally thick Mist in the area, combined with the hints from the Occuria, convince the party that the Sun-Cryst is within the Pharos Lighthouse. Having no ships, air or sea, capable of approaching the lighthouse in jagd, Reddas gives Balthier an Imperial nethicite skystone that enables the Strahl to traverse jagd, and asks to accompany Ashe to the Sun-Cryst.
- Meanwhile, Venat informs Cid and Vayne that Ashe has made contact with the Occuria. Facing pressure from Larsa to negotiate for peace with Ashe and concerned that she could pose a significant threat, Vayne dispatches Gabranth to intercept her at the Sun-Cryst, with orders to kill her if she intends to cut new nethicite.

Bazaar Packages
X-Potion Pack (1x Behemoth Steak) (Repeatable)
Phials & Philtres (3x Malboro Flower)
Nature's Armory (9x Prime Pelt, 8x Fire Crystal, 7x Forbidden Flesh)
The Leering Blade (10x Dark Crystal, 7x Demon Tail, 3x Broken Sword)
Phoenix Flight (5x Windslicer Pinion)
Gigas Gear (8x Prime Pelt, 7x Prime Tanned Hide, 7x Dark Crystal)
Jag-tooth Ninja Sword (5x Giant Feather, 5x Dark Magicite, 4x Festering Flesh)
Triage Kit (3x Giant Feather)
Mudslinger (8x Earth Crystal, 3x Silver Liquid, 2x Emperor Scale)
Blindflight Quarrels (3x Dark Crystal, 3x Silver Liquid, 3x Spiral Incisor)
Armor-piercing Shot (7x Wind Crystal, 5x Silver Liquid, 4x Ichthon Scale)
Permafrost Bow & Quiver (7x Ice Crystal, 4x Spiral Incisor, 2x Antarctic Wind)
Mystic Staff (7x Storm Crystal, 6x Demon Feather, 4x Quality Lumber)
Elegant Pole (8x Blood-darkened Bone, 7x Wind Crystal, 6x Demon Feather)
Double-bladed Knife (9x Wind Crystal, 7x Malboro Flower, 5x Windslicer Pinion)
Stone Shot (3x Libra Gem, 2x Mirror Scale, 2x Tyrant Bone)
Ninja Footgear (2x Slaven Harness)
Memories of Yore (5x Quality Stone)
Arrows of the Moon Goddess (3x Gemini Gem, 2x Great Serpent's Fang, 2x Dorsal Fin)
Chain-link Belt (2x Battlewyrm Carapace, 1x Adamantite)
Sturdy Battle Gear (4x Charger Barding, 3x Pisces Gem, 2x Split Armor)
Attenuated Greatsword (10x Holy Crystal, 7x Sky Jewel, 4x Quality Stone)
Piercing Bolts (3x Capricorn Gem, 2x Ring Wyrm Liver, 2x Wrath of the Gods)
Ultimate Blade (2x Adamantite, 2x Death Powder, 1x Gnoma Halcyon)
Brilliant Shield (2x Ancient Turtle Shell, 2x Ring Wyrm Liver, 1x Undin Halcyon)
Magick Shard (8x Glass Jewel, 8x Sky Jewel, 1x Diakon Halcyon) (Repeatable)
Chronos Tear Pack (1x Eye of the Hawk) (Repeatable)
Life Crystal (10x Arcana, 1x Feystone, 1x Soul of Thamasa) (Repeatable)
Mysterious Substance (3x Grimoire Aidhed, 3x Grimoire Togail, 1x Bat Wing)

Bestiary Entries
006 - Gnoma Entite
019 - Mardu Entite
026 - Ghost
048 - Pandora
055 - Salamand Entite
071 - Sylphi Entite
075 - Diresaur
098 - Leshach Entite
116 - Ash Wyrm
120 - Fire Elemental
147 - Deadly Nightshade
148 - Mu
159 - Holy Elemental
164 - Skulwyrm
168 - Reaper
169 - Mom Bomb
171 - Necrophobe
190 - Grenade
194 - Bogey
202 - Emeralditan
203 - Leynir
205 - Leamonde Entite
208 - Babil
210 - Dark Elemental
211 - Zombie Warlock
264 - Chaos, Walker of the Wheel
268 - Zeromus, the Condemner
286 - Fury
288 - Humbaba Mistant
375 - Garif (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

18 - Roblon
24 - Goliath
25 - Deathscythe
26 - Deathgaze
27 - Diabolos
28 - Piscodaemon
29 - Wild Malboro
30 - Catoblepas
39 - Carrot
40 - Gilgamesh (a) (b)

Rare Game
01 - Aspidochelon
05 - Gavial
24 - Juggernaut
57 - Dheed
59 - Terror Tyrant
63 - Vorres
66 - Arioch
72 - Velelu

Ashe (Exemplar) - Awarded for raising the party's average level above 50.
Carrot (Freshmaker) - Awarded for defeating Carrot.
Deathgaze (Eagle Eye) - Awarded for defeating Deathgaze.
Gabranth (Mist Walker) - Awarded for performing every Concurrence.
Gilgamesh (Master Swordsman) - Awarded for defeating Gilgamesh.