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Part 95: Module 14 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 14 Summary

- Ashe and Reddas ascend to the top of the Pharos lighthouse and discover the Sun-Cryst, but Ashe remains ambivalent about accepting the Occuria's pact. Gabranth arrives and attempts to provoke Ashe into taking revenge, but he is rebuffed by Reddas. Reddas reveals that he was once known as Judge Magister Zecht, and that it was his unintended actions, accidentally activating the Midlight Shard and destroying Nabudis, that convinced him that the power of nethicite cannot be left in the hands of man. Encouraged by Reddas and Vaan, and realizing that her visions of Rasler were manipulations by the Occuria, Ashe finally commits to destroy the Sun-Cryst.
- Cid appears and intervenes between Gabranth and the party, tossing him aside effortlessly and berating him for attacking Ashe out of turn. Venat then returns the relics of Raithwall to the Sun-Cryst, causing it to bleed Mist uncontrollably, which Cid claims will feed the birth of "Bahamut." Cid uses this power to fight the party as well, but he is defeated, his body fading away as the nethicite infused within him is dispersed in the flow from the Sun-Cryst.
- Although Cid is dead and Venat fled, the Sun-Cryst continues to spill Mist forth with great force, overwhelming Ashe and Vaan's attempts to get close enough to destroy it. Reddas takes up the Sword of Kings and tells the party to flee, leaping directly into the path of the Mist to strike. While the party escapes Pharos safely, the destruction of the Sun-Cryst causes an explosion which levels the top floor, killing Reddas.

Bazaar Packages
Serpent Blade (3x Cancer Gem, 2x Coeurl Whisker, 2x Sickle-Blade)
The Scorpion (4x Scorpio Gem, 3x Charged Gizzard, 3x Wyrm Bone)
Samurai's Katana (9x Water Crystal, 7x Screamroot, 5x Iron Ore)
Engraved Spear (2x Broken Spear, 2x Ketu Board, 2x Mystletainn)
Comfy Headgear (7x Virgo Gem, 2x Einherjarium, 2x White Incense)
Potion Crate (3x Screamroot)

Bestiary Entries
173 - Deathclaw
174 - Cassie
175 - Abaddon
176 - Chimera Brain
177 - Bune
179 - Reaver
180 - Crusader
181 - Aeronite
182 - Dragon Lich
184 - Brainpan
185 - Purobolos
186 - Deidar
187 - Mistmare
188 - Undin Entite
270 - Hashmal, Bringer of Order
271 - Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud
282 - Hydro
383 - Judge Gabranth

Rare Game
26 - Tower
39 - Pallicant
44 - Vishno
60 - Abelisk
78 - Avenger

World Map