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Part 97: Module 17 Summary

Nohte Cliffs Publishing, History Series: The Dalmascan Occupation
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Module 17 Summary

Bazaar Packages
Silver Bow (4x Sagittarius Gem, 3x Beastlord Horn, 3x Moon Ring)
Golden Battle Axe (2x Broken Greataxe, 2x Electrum, 1x Mardu Halcyon)
Darksteel Blade (3x Taurus Gem, 2x Chimera Head, 2x Orichalcum)
Master-crafted Blade (3x Orichalcum, 2x Gemsteel, 2x Mallet)
The Sunflower (3x Empyreal Soul, 3x Gemsteel, 3x Serpentarius)
Well-forged Blade (4x Ring Wyrm Scale, 3x Lifewick, 1x Leshach Halcyon)
Late-model Rifle (2x Wyvern Wing, 2x Yensa Fin, 1x Salamand Halcyon)
Magepower Helm (5x Charger Barding, 2x Chimera Head, 1x Feystone)
Matchless Metal (2x Damascus Steel, 2x Hell-Gate's Flame, 1x Scarletite) (Repeatable)
Jewel of the Serpent (4x Snake Skin, 2x Serpent Eye, 1x High Arcana) (Repeatable)
Jewel of Creation (2x Wargod's Band, 1x Soul Powder, 1x High Arcana) (Repeatable)
Shell-worked Collar (2x Bomb Shell, 2x Four-leaf Clover)
Brawler's Fetish (2x Gimble Stalk)
Blush of Light (2x Tomato Stalk, 1x Magick Lamp, 1x Snowfly)
Saint's Draught (3x Ambrosia, 3x Demon Drink, 1x High Arcana) (Repeatable)
Magick Shard (8x Book of Orgain, 8x Book of Orgain-Cent, 8x Book of Orgain-Mille) (Repeatable)
Flask of Oily Liquid (3x Caramel, 2x Unpurified Ether) (Repeatable)
Flask of Viscous Liquid (2x Foul Liquid, 2x Unpurified Ether, 1x Slime Oil) (Repeatable)
Esoteric Draught (3x Onion, 3x Rat Tail, 2x High Arcana) (Repeatable)
Dragon Crest (1x Godslayer's Badge, 1x Omega Badge, 1x Lu Shang's Badge)

Bestiary Entries
046 - Bug
049 - Gazer
082 - Hecteyes
083 - Gizmaluk
084 - Etem
086 - Necrofiend
133 - Air Elemental
137 - Earth Elemental
149 - Mandragora Prince
151 - Alraune King
153 - Onion Queen
155 - Pumpkin Star
157 - Topstalk
162 - Shadonir
163 - Giruveganus
166 - Forbidden
178 - Magick Pot
183 - Cataract Aevis
193 - Archaeoaevis
272 - Ultima, the High Seraph
274 - Zodiark, Keeper of Precepts
290 - Hell Wyrm
292 - Omega Mark XII

31 - Fafnir
32 - Pylraster
42 - Behemoth King
43 - Ixion
44 - Pandaemonium, Slyt, Fenrir, Phoenix, Shadowseer
45 - Yiazmat

Rare Game
10 - Crypt Bunny
21 - Glaring Eye
23 - Evil Spirit
31 - Gemhorn
32 - Luxollid
33 - Vagrant Soul
46 - Melt
49 - Bombshell
65 - Larva Eater
68 - Crystal Knight
73 - Disma

Ba'Gamnan (Scrivener) - Awarded for completing the Bestiary.
Behemoth King (Lord of the Kings) - Awarded for defeating Behemoth King.
Belias (High Summoner) - Awarded for obtaining every Esper.
Crystal (Runeweaver) - Awarded for learning every Magick.
Fafnir (Wyrmslayer) - Awarded for defeating Fafnir.
Hell Wyrm (Radiant Saviour) - Awarded for defeating Hell Wyrm.
Old Dalan (Cartographer) - Awarded for fully exploring every map.
Rasler (Conqueror) - Awarded for earning enough License Points to fully unlock any License Board.*
Ultima (Fell Angel) - Awarded for defeating Ultima.
Vossler (Jack-of-All-Trades) - Awarded for learning every Technick.
Yiazmat (Hunter Extraordinaire) - Awarded for defeating Yiazmat.
Zodiark (Zodiac Knight) - Awarded for defeating Zodiark.

* The English patch claims that this award is for "learning every License," but, since this can easily be impossible in IZJS, it's instead tied to earning a specific number of License Points. It is possible to have fully unlocked all characters' Boards and still be short of the award.

Wither - reduces enemy's Strength by 30%. Success rate is 45%. IZJS success rate is increased, charge time is decreased, and stat reduction is decreased from vanilla.

Expose - reduces enemy's Defense by 10%. Success rate is 70%. IZJS success rate is increased and charge time is decreased from vanilla.

Addle - reduces enemy's Magick by 30%. Success rate is 45%. IZJS success rate is increased, charge time is decreased, and stat reduction is decreased from vanilla.