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Part 13

Update 13: You Wouldn't Stab a Golden Retriever... (Polsy)

So a couple things we didn't quite get to in the video:

1) Once an item reaches its max level (indicated by the "star" level), you have to use a catalyst on it to continue upgrading it, and every item requires a specific one. That nugget of Millerite we got way back in Chapter 3 is the one that corresponds to the Iron Bangle (and only the Iron Bangle, curiously enough).

2) Speaking of upgrading, there will be times when you specifically do not want to continue upgrading an item. For example, if we upgraded our max level Silver Bangle into a Tungsten Bangle, it would give Hope more HP, yes, but it would change from a "Physical Defense" item to a "Low HP" item, which would affect our synthesized skills. Again, right now, not a big deal. Later in the game, it'll be very important to have the right set of skills and equipment.




Of Revenge and Regret

Lightning learns the reason for Hope's animosity towards Snow: his mother's death during the chaos of the Purge. Believing the responsibility to lie with the NORA leader, the grief-stricken boy has been feeding his rage ever since. Hope's motivation in joining Lightning in her vendetta is to experience battle and grow strong enough to challenge Snow.

The blade in Hope's hand shines brightly. Will the gift Lightning gave him to boost his confidence become the instrument of his revenge?

The weapon Hope stares at so intently awakens memories in his companion.

On Lightning's birthday, Serah confessed to her sister that she had become a Pulse l'Cie. Not willing to believe the story, Lightning pushed Serah away with disdainful words. By the time she discovered that Serah had been telling the truth, it was too late...

Now the knife was all she had left of her sister — a birthday gift, and symbol of unbearable regret.


The Thirteen Days: Day 12 - Celebration

On Lightning's birthday, Serah revealed that she became a Pulse l'Cie, and had accepted Snow's proposal for marriage. Thinking that her sister made it all up, Lightning chased her from the room with harsh, biting words.

By the time she realized Serah was telling the truth, it was too late. Her sister had returned to the Vestige and became a prisoner of the fal'Cie. The only thing Serah had left behind was Lightning's birthday present - a survival knife.