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Part 18

Update 18: How Many More PSICOM Troops Will Pulse L'Cie Murder Today? (Polsy)




The Weight of Vengeance

Lightning knows that Snow is not Hope's favorite person. But the only way to ensure the boy's escape from the swarm of Sanctum troops is to leave him with the man he despises.

Her mind made up, Lightning shoves Hope at Snow, then charges the enemy soldiers, intending to cut a path through which they can escape. She may have failed to give him hope, but the least she can do is keep him alive — even if it means sacrificing herself.

After appearing out of nowhere with an Eidolon and felling soldiers left and right, Snow explains how the Cavalry picked him up. The rebel brigade is part of the Sanctum army, but it seems they have plans to topple the government with the help of the l'Cie.

Hope, of course, couldn't care less. The man responsible for his mother's death stands right in front of him. Operation Nora might be over, but his rage will not be satisfied by mere words.

As Hope runs through streets sheathed in Shiva's ice, he can feel the shape of the knife Lightning left in his care nestled against his side...


People: Cid Raines

Cid Raines is the commander of the Wide-area Response Brigade, a military unit otherwise known as the 'Cavalry.'

His vaunted position in the army has afforded him an unobstructed view of the blind obedience the government shows to the fal'Cie. In order to free Cocoon from the tyranny of these powerful entities, Raines has begun enlisting the assistance of Fang and the other Pulse l'Cie.


Cocoon Society: Palompolum Security Division

As the name implies, this Guardian Corps unit is stationed in the city of Palumpolum. In order to properly patrol the immense Capital of Commerce, the division consists of a large number of troops broken down into many small regiments.

As a force primarily entrusted with maintaining public security, it is not outfitted with heavy combat equipment. However, the division is known for its high morale, and its soldiers were drafted to serve under PSICOM's Colonel Rosch during the l'Cie operations.