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Part 23

Update 23: The City of Nightmares (Polsy)


Feast of Betrayal
Eidolons on Parade
Test of the l'Cie
Game Over




No Place Left to Run

Tired of fleeing with no hope in sight, Sazh quietly says his good-byes to Vanille.

He intends to give himself up to the army and beg PSICOM to let him talk to his son. Even if it ends in his execution, it will all be worth it if he can see Dajh one more time and tell him about his encounter with the Nautilus Park chocobos.

Not willing to let Sazh just give up and die, Vanille tries to talk him out of it. Revenge is her best bet.

If she reveals the identity of the culprit behind the Euride Gorge incident that sealed the fate of both father and son, then maybe Sazh will have something to live for.

The culprit, of course, is Vanille herself. But how to explain...? As the young woman searches for the right words, sniper bullets bite into the ground around them.

Sazh covers Vanille as they run for the exit.

It's all fine if he gets captured by the army, but he has to help Vanille escape.


The Euride Incident

Upon becoming a Sanctum l'Cie, Dajh gained the ability to sense the presence of Pulse beings. With the help of his powers, the fal'Cie that had slumbered for centuries in Bodhum was subsequently discovered on the night of the fireworks display.

Since that time, no one has been able to work out what Dajh's Focus actually is, but now it reveals itself in the cruelest manner possible. He uses his sensory ability to track down the fugitive l'Cie—and turns to crystal the instant he embraces his father. It seems the boy's task was to capture the servants of the lowerworld fal'Cie.

As Sazh collapses in shock and despair, Colonel Nabaat, the PSICOM officer supervising Dajh, appears before him. With sadistic glee, his captor at last reveals the truth to the distraught Sazh: that one of the people responsible for his son becoming a l'Cie has been at his side all along.

Vanille flees and Sazh gives chase.

Colonel Nabaat does nothing to stop them. Just think of the data they could collect by watching l'Cie fight each other...


Sugar and Rainbows

Sazh loses his will to go on.

With his beloved son transformed into crystal, he has nothing left to live for. He curses Vanille for her part in the tragedy, but killing her won't bring Dajh back.

Sazh's brand suddenly glows with burning intensity, and the Eidolon Brynhildr appears before the despairing father. He doesn't even try to run. Maybe death is the easiest path.

But then Vanille puts herself between them.

Sazh may despise her for what she's done, but she can't let him die. Once the Eidolon is defeated, Sazh turns his gun on Vanille. Unable to shoot the young woman, he then turns the gun on himself...


People: Dajh Katzroy

Dajh is Sazh's only child. His mother passed away three years ago, but instead of being miserable, he bravely comforts his grieving father.

During the incident at the Euride Gorge energy plant, Dajh is made into a Sanctum l'Cie with the ability to sense power of Pulse origin. Although he discovers the fal'Cie in Bodhum, his true Focus—capturing Pulse l'Cie—is learned when he is reunited with his father and turns to crystal.


Cocoon Society: Nautilus Security Regiment

This Guardian Corps unit is responsible for maintaining the security in Nautilus, the popular City of Dreams. With the fun-filled amusement park requiring little supervision, the Nautilus Security Regiment spends much of its time practicing combat maneuvers.

This regiment's highly trained soldiers are often deployed in support of PSICOM operations, and many of its members joined the sweep teams searching for fugitive l'Cie in the Vile Peaks.