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Part 28

Update 28: When it Raines... (Polsy)




The Dreams of Man

While exploring the Ark, the l'Cie meet Cid Raines, who reveals the horrendous truth of the fal'Cie's agenda:

The divinity responsible for creating both fal'Cie and humans—known only as the 'Maker'—departed long ago, leaving the world to fall into ruin. To save it, the Maker must return, but to call back the Maker, millions of lives—no less than the entire population of Cocoon—must be sacrificed.

Thus the Sanctum fal'Cie carefully nurture the people within their floating shell in preparation for this bloody tribute.

Yet, unable to unmake that which they themselves have made, the fal'Cie have long sought suitable tools to carry out Cocoon's destruction. The Pulse l'Cie, in short, have been surreptitiously watched and protected so that they might gain the strength necessary to complete their terrible Focus...

Raines, the bearer of this awful truth, reveals himself to be a l'Cie under the control of Barthandelus.

So far, he has guided Lightning and her friends as his Focus required, but now he chooses to exercise his final shred of free will in an act of rebellion against the fal'Cie—if he can kill the Pulse l'Cie, then Cocoon will escape destruction.

His last wish as a human is to fight for the survival of his world. Even in defeat, he turns to crystal, and gains his eternal reward.


People: Cid Raines

Raines had been planning to overthrow fal'Cie rule, but was made into a l'Cie by Barthandelus before those plans could be put into action.

Since then, he has been a part of the fal'Cie's scheme to guide Lightning and the others through their battles with the Sanctum, and along the path to Cocoon's destruction.

However, Raines regains the will he once had as a human, and attempts to foil Barthandelus's plans by killing the l'Cie. Despite his eventual defeat, the Cavalry commander transforms into crystal.


The Fal'Cie: Orphan

This mysterious being fuels the fal'Cie Eden with the power necessary to maintain Cocoon's complex operational systems, and as such, its death would bring about Cocoon's certain destruction. Nevertheless, its death is what Barthandelus desires, for he seeks to offer the lives of the world's millions of inhabitants in sacrifice to call the vanished Maker back to this realm.

As Sanctum fal'Cie and l'Cie are themselves incapable of harming Orphan, Barthandelus requires the assistance of Pulse l'Cie. If they can transform into Ragnarok and destroy Orphan, Cocoon's demise will be assured.