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Part 31

Update 31: The Hunt Begins (Polsy)


The Archylte Steppe
The Yaschas Massif




History and Myth: Cie'th Stones

L'Cie who fail their Foci become Cie'th, cursed to wander the wilds in a form of living death. Only after many years and much suffering do they extinguish the last of their strength and cease to roam. When this happens, the Cie'th's remains slowly fossilize, turning into what is known as a Cie'th Stone.

However, this transformation does not mark an end to the Cie'th's regret and sorrow at having failed. Even after having turned to stone the Cie'th cry out, imploring other l'Cie to fulfill the Focus they could not.


Locales: The Archylte Steppe

This great plain covers a vast expanse of Gran Pulse.

With an unobstructed view clear to the horizon, creatures can easily spot intruders into their territory. Perhaps this explains why so many beasts of the steppe are merciless predators—victors of the unending struggle for survival.


Locales: The Yaschas Massif

This mountain group stretches across a southern region of Gran Pulse. The area's geography is diverse, consisting of scenic highplains, sheer escarpments, and deep fault valleys, with mammoth fallen trees a common sight across its landscape.

At the massif's southernmost tip lies the ruin of the fallen city-state of Paddra. Once the flourishing center of an advanced culture, it is now nothing more than a Cie'th-infested archaeopolis.


Analect I: The Vanished Gods

Luminous lamented, for creation spiraled unto doom.

Stout fashioned earth, that future might take root.

Sage turned mind's eye inward, seeking truth profound.

Fool desired naught, and soon was made one with it.

Maker forged fal'Cie, from fragments Maker's own.

Maker forged Man, from traces once Divine.

In time the gods departed, leaving all by their hands wrought.

Fal'Cie were as Man forsaken, orphans of Maker absconded.

–Author unknown