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Part 36

Update 36: something something Hecatoncheir? (Polsy)

Bonus: Juggernaut fight




Helping Hands

If they choose not to kill Orphan and bring about Cocoon's destruction, Lightning and her companions will transform into Cie'th. But if they do carry out their Focus, their actions will doom the lives of millions of people.

In search of a way to escape this impossible choice, the l'Cie travel towards the village of Oerba in the north of Gran Pulse.

On the endless plains they see beasts and birds aplenty, but not a single person. Could the ruin of this world's civilization have been caused by the War of Transgression, centuries before?

Here, where it all began, Fang finally uncovers the truth that Vanille has so desperately tried to conceal. The l'Cie who became Ragnarok and attacked Cocoon during the war was not her cheerful friend but Fang herself. Not wanting Fang to bear the guilt of the beast's bloody rampage, Vanille chose to take the blame in her stead.

As if to reprimand her for twisting the truth, the Eidolon Hecatoncheir rises from the earth even as the two friends argue. No matter how painful it may be, l'Cie cannot run from reality forever.


People: Oerba Yun Fang

Fang is a l'Cie who was born on Gran Pulse. Her full name stands for 'Fang of the Yun clan, from the village of Oerba.'

Centuries ago, she and Vanille were given a Focus to destroy Cocoon. Fang became Ragnarok and cracked Cocoon's shell, but they were both turned to crystal before their task was complete. The Vestige in which they slumbered was lifted by a fal'Cie onto the very world they tried to shatter. Waking years later, Fang's brand—as well as the memory of her Focus—is now obscured and indistinct.


Locales: The Mah'habara Subterra

Mah'habara is an underground labyrinth of tunnels excavated by the fal'Cie Atomos. The advanced civilization of Gran Pulse once established mining operation here, targeting the mineral and ore deposits exposed by the fal'Cie's digging. Long-abandoned engineering and excavation drones are now the only traces of human society that remain, the miners having disappeared long ago.


The Fal'Cie: Atomos

Atomos toils endlessly beneath the surface of Gran Pulse, ever extending the world's network of snaking, subterranean passages. Common speculation purports that the fal'Cie's goal is excavation of habitable underground environments, but the truth of the matter is shrouded in mystery.

What is known is that Atomos's digging often exposes deposits of valuable mineral resources. For this reason, the human inhabitants of Gran Pulse long ago established mining operations in Mah'habara.


Analect VII: Hallowed Pulse

It was the Great and Hallowed Pulse who, seeking to expand divine domain, parted the chaos and fashioned realm within; made fal'Cie, and charged them with this world's completion.

The fal'Cie, anxious to please the hand that shaped them, labored devotedly at the task they had been given. They made l'Cie of men so that they, too, might be able to aid the greater cause. Men, in turn, offered praise and prayer to Hallowed Pulse, naming their great land in honor of its architect.

Yet still the architect departed.

- On the Nature of Fal'Cie