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Part 41

Update 41: The Sands of Time (Polsy)


Dust to Dust (Oerba)

Lyrics(?) posted:

Nothing left to fear, l'Cie
Cradled in eternity
Shore of sand, your fate awaits
Oh surrender in the light




Dust to Dust

The home that Fang and Vanille remember is a beautiful place surrounded by flowers and nature.

But the Oerba that greets them after their long, perilous journey is a wasteland, covered in a layer of fine crystal dust. The hope they had been seeking vanishes like a desert mirage.

Though they have turned their backs on their genocidal Focus, the l'Cie's brands have not stopped advancing, and each passing second brings them closer to the moment of monstrous transformation.

Oerba, their last refuge of hope, is a hollow shell, devoid of life.

But they must continue on. They must follow the road to its inevitable conclusion.


Locales: Oerba

Fang and Vanille's former home, the village of Oerba is located at the northernmost edge of the Gran Pulse mainland. Villagers from several clans shared a communal lifestyle here, honoring the fal'Cie Anima as their patron and protector.

Today, what remains of the abandoned village is overrun by Cie'th and in the process of being swallowed by an approaching sea of ashen crystal sand dunes.


Analect IV: The Heavenly Deceit

Ragnarok took wing; made to smite Cocoon, and thereby deliver us our everlasting peace. But Her Providence would not let it be.

The Goddess pitied the fools who so blindly bowed to Lindzei's will, and so She robbed Ragnarok of power, putting the L'Cie to an early crystal sleep, focus yet incomplete.

-Sermons of the seeress Paddra Nsu-Yeul