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Part 43

Update 43: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

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Start Your Engines
Eden Under Siege




Start Your Engines

Lightning and her friends return to Cocoon only to be greeted by the sudden appearance of an army of mechanical monsters and gigantic beasts. The fal'Cie have activated the Ark hidden beneath the capital, releasing an army of Pulsian terrors into the city.

With the army in panicked disarray, the Cavalry seizes its chance. Captain Rygdea leads his troops in an assault on the Sanctum offices, and confronts the new Primarch - his former superior and comrade in arms, Cid Raines.

Raines calmly welcomes his own demise. Revived to serve as Barthandelus's pawn, he nevertheless retains a sliver of the will he possessed as a human. And it is humans who must decide Cocoon's future - not fal'Cie slaves.

The Cavalry presses on with its plans to slay Orphan, unaware that this effort to save the world will only lead to total destruction. Barthandelus has twisted the Cavalry's desire for freedom to meet his own design.

The l'Cie must stop the Cavalry from reaching the heart of Eden before it is too late.


Eden Under Siege

The creatures once held in stasis within the Ark are now rampaging through the streets of Eden, but this merely marks the beginning of Cocoon's collapse into chaos. Once news of the 'Pulse invasion' spreads to a populace already in the grip of panic, the people will be whipped into a frenzy of terror - and the ensuing orgy of violence will tear society apart.

Yet Cocoon may not survive long enough for that to happen. Even now, the members of the Cavalry charge into the heart of the capital, unwittingly seeking to extinguish the source of power that keeps Cocoon afloat: Orphan. Their idealism is being used against them.

Their quest for liberation is just another cog in Barthandelus's scheme to call back the Maker. He will see the world shattered, and offer the lives of its inhabitants in sacrifice.

Fearing they may already be too late, the l'Cie rush after the Cavalry, through a city engulfed in the flames of war.


People: Rygdea

Rygdea is an officer in the Wide-area Response Brigade formerly led by Cid Raines.

Disgusted by the deception of the Sanctum, he thought to retire from the military, but instead joined Raines and the Cavalry in their efforts to bring down the government. Rygdea followed the general without question, unaware of his superior's status as a servant of the Sanctum fal'Cie.

Barthandelus has now placed Raines in the position of Primarch, leaving Rygdea to lead the Cavalry in a charge to topple the Sanctum and destroy Orphan.


Locales: Eden

This city, Cocoon's capital, shares its name with its fal'Cie patron. Host to the world's centers of culture and government, it functions as the heart of human society on Cocoon.

At the city's core rises the monumental Edenhall, seat of the Sanctum's administration. The fal'Cie Eden dwells deep within the structure's interior.


Cocoon Society: The Homeguard

This Guardian Corps unit is stationed in the capital city of Eden. The most elite soldiers in the Corps, the Homeguard is on equal footing with PSICOM in terms of sheer military might.

As part of an organization that accepts only the best troops the army has to offer, Homeguard veterans are well respected in Cocoon society even after their retirement.