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Part 45

Update 45: Pride Before the Fall (Polsy)




Misjudged Benevolence

When the blinding flash of light fades, where there were soldiers now stand mindless Cie'th. With no Focus to complete, their souls are stripped from them at the instant of their transformation. Thus do the fal'Cie dispose of humans whose usefulness has ended.

Rosch, the sole survivor, defends the Sanctum army and their obedience to fal'Cie law. Even though he harbors doubts as to the fal'Cie's true intentions, the peace and harmony of Cocoon cannot be upheld without them.

It is his desire to protect the stability of society that allows him to commit atrocities such as the Purge. The end justifies the means.

Realizing his error in judgment, the PSICOM director still cannot change what is done. The only remaining path is to live his final moments as he has tried to live his life - in the service of Cocoon.

The conflict among the people is coming to an end, but the danger to Cocoon is not over. Not until Barthandelus and his schemes are defeated.


People: Yaag Rosch

Yaag Rosch is a PSICOM officer who graduated with results second only to his fellow trainee, Jihl Nabaat.

His leadership skills shown in joint missions with the Guardian Corps earn him the command of the anti-l'Cie operations in Palumpolum.

Despite feeling doubt over the fate of innocents during the Purge, Rosch views the brutal and thankless task of maintaining the overall stability of society to be a soldier's sworn duty.