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Part 1: Post 01: Failed Attempts

Post 01: Failed Attempts

On a cool, summer's night a man, followed by his bodyguards, stroll through a small town.

Unknown to them however, the forces of a rebellion lurk in the shadows.

Even in the safest of places, they are still stalked.

His bodyguards are easily struck down, and he himself is rendered unconscious.

The man then awakens in a filthy cell, naked, dirty, as a dark figure in an ominous armour speaks to him.

All of the game's interactions are controlled by pressing down.

Told of his execution, thoughts rush through the man's head. He has to escape. He must escape. But how? The dark figure leaves, cackling.

And here we are. Trapped in a cell. This is a look at our initial stats. Right now, we lack a class (it is currently set to Normal).

Jumping allows us to move over obstacles. But you already knew that, right?

Searching around the cell, the man eventually finds a break in the back wall. Leaping through it, he finds himself in a small cavern.

In the cavern is an old, moldy chest. Within it, a Broadsword that hasn't been used for quite some time it would seem.

Attempting to distance himself from his captors, he climbs his way up the dark, jagged rocks. At the top, he finds another chest, this one containing an undrank Potion.

You have two slots for actions, be it attacking, or using magic. We set our first attack slot to Attack and equip the Broadsword. Without a weapon, you may not attack.

As he nears the exit, light shining on his face, two strange plants block his way. Refusing to give up, he takes the Broadsword in hand and swings it into the flora, tearing it to shreds, a green slime splattering against its blade. As he makes his way through the other, he finally reaches the cavern's exit.

Throughout Final Vision, are many save statues. Simply interacting with them saves your game. Almost all of the statues are unique, and make use of Final Fantasy sprites. This one being a Fighter.

And then, we meet our first NPC, Jamie. He... she? It explains to us save statues.

Kazus is one of the few villages in the game. This one is the farthest one west.

Kazus has an armour shop, which sells some shiny armour. We don't have any armour right now actually, but we also don't have enough gil (Final Vision's currency).

We meet a man named Cid, who is a major staple in Final Fantasy games. And since this game is heavily based on it, he's here too. Too bad he's really generic.

Marching right along, we run into said goblins. They take about two hits with the Broadsword. Combat is pretty simple, you attack, and try to dodge enemies. If an enemy bumps into you, you take damage.

Like all good RPGs, killing enemies yields experience and money.

And REALLY following the formula, after killing enough enemies, you level up, causing your stats to grow.

We continue on until an airship drops by and picks us up; it's one of our appointed Judges. The... Final Fantasy XII variety, I believe, not the ones sitting in a court. Unless those are the same? Hm.

By clothes he means a class. And by class, apparently whatever sort of suit you're wearing determines your stats.

Depending on the class you choose, the game can be a bit more challenging or a little bit easier. The Dragoon makes the game a breeze, while the Summoner is the most difficult class to play.

For this playthrough, we'll be playing a Dragoon. We make our way back to our castle, and are warmly greeted by a soldier.

This place as an elevator of sorts. It's pretty cool.

We find a nice chest full of gil, too! We'll have to go shopping soon.

After conversing with the Judges, we make our way back outside.


Stepping from his castle, an immense blast erupts from the airship as it breaks apart in the air.

...someone just blew up our airship. Boo.

We leap down into our kingdom, finding another statue. This one is an Onion Kid.

At this point, we properly equip ourselves. We still lack armour, but we have a Spear. We set our first action slot to Attack. Since we're a Dragoon there's honestly no reason to ever set the second attack slot.

We still have our Potion. We can get more of them as well, as well as other items that can heal us.

The weapon shop has some nice toys. They're too expensive for us right now, however.

We're the king of this place, Castle Sasune. That's all we really know about our character, as no name is ever given.

This place sells armour too, but it isn't as good as the armour in Kazus.

The inn sells various healing items, as well as lets us sleep in it, which fully heals us and removes any status effects.

In all, this game is only a few hours long, and is quite easy. It's quite entertaining though. At this point, we must travel east to snuff out some rebels!