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Part 2: Post 02: Squashed Rebellion

Post 02: Squashed Rebellion

When loading your file, you appear at the statue you saved at, as expected.

We're heading east to take care of nearby rebels!

Being poisoned in this game means you slowly lose health until you either cure yourself or... well, die.

Unlike the other weapons in the game, spears have lots of reach.

Most enemies in this game are... well, there's not really a specified name for them. Some of them are obvious, but I have no idea what the heck you would call these things. Red wasps? Eh.

Keyword being secret.

This place is very straightforward. It contains multiple enemies which are... rebels. Rebels in blue speedos apparently.

They can hurt you in two ways: one, by bumping into you, and two, by slashing you. Getting slashed really hurts.

...the path upwards near the entrance leads to this. Elixirs already?

The experience and gil these rebel guys give.

While this part is easier for Dragoons as they can jump a few pixels higher, I have not once ever cleared this pit without falling in. Minor damage from the spikes though.

This game is either really generous or has very little faith in our abilities to progress.

Heading back up and all the way right leads us to this informative sign.

We's trapped, yo.

This is the boss. As far as I can tell, his sprite is based on...

This guy here, yes. Hein, from Final Fantasy III. Or at least that's who he looks like to me.

He has... well, some tactics. He summons the white ghost things and protects himself with a barrier.

Dispatching the white things makes him drop his shield and take up a new tactic.

He will fire... spikes from under the ground at you. They hurt, but our specialty is jumping so... yeah.

He takes about five good spear jabs before going down. Mission complete.

We're greeted by one of the Judges. By "you'll need an airship" he means we have to go get it ourselves though.

Which shall be the next thing we do!... next time.