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Part 3: Post 03: Aeroboat

Post 03: Aeroboat

This dog is awesome.

Since our assembly of Judges are worthless, we have to go get our airship, well, ourselves.

This is another Final Fantasy III reference if Google isn't lying to me.

...bears? They look like bears I think.

I'm not sure what to make of this name. Misspelling of armour?

We're level six currently. I also have no clue what this thing is.

Oh for the love of.

Save statue. This one is a Knight.

These things... well, they hurt. A lot. I'm not sure what they are either.

Did I mention those things hit hard? When your health drops to or below zero, a counter appears, counting down from five. In these five seconds, you can revive yourself with the necessary items, or... well, if you don't, you die. Dying brings you to this screen.

It was Falgarbard earlier. This game has a lot of spelling mistakes.

Weapons! Except they're extremely expensive.

Yes... the... "situation." Whatever that is. Also this guy's named after a Final Fantasy XII character.

Another Final Fantasy XII character. She's a rabbit or something.

Another save statue of the Viking kind.

Ip here is a refer- okay no it's the same as the character from an Indie game known as The Underside.

...and FINALLY, we get the airship. Standing below it near the back, you can lower the platform to enter it.

And then, standing on the platform, you press down to enter the cockpit. From here you can interact with the controls. The airship can... go left or right and that's it. time! More blatantly hijacked characters from other games!