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Part 4: Post 04: Obligatory Sewer Level

Post 04: Obligatory Sewer Level

Our airship has the ability to go left or right. It will move over obstacles itself, but... yeah.

If you go past the "secret" rebel cave, you find this sign. We need the airship to get up there.

Doing so causes a shift in the background. Unfortunately, we can go no further because everything in this area can one-hit kill us.

Not pictured here: me dying a lot.

So instead, we continue back west, running into... I don't even know.

They give good experience and gil though. Killing a few of these things bumps up to level eight.

We return to whatever this thing is, and he opens up... a sewer level.

Of course, it's a short sewer level but still.

This place has bears in it for some reason.

In Final Fantasy VI there is a character named Strago, but I'm not entirely sure if he was into urophilia.

Getting poisoned sucks. Unless you have a remedy you're going to slowly die. What's worse, every time you land in the sewage, it hurts you a lot.

But it is all in the name of collecting smelly money.

Also another Elixir.

...and now we're done with half the game, sort of. We have to grind a few levels if we hope to survive the eastern area, but that is easily solved... yes.