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Part 5: Post 05: Obligatory Grinding

Post 05: Obligatory Grinding

At this point we could go fight the final boss. Unfortunately for us, we have to grind though because the final boss can and most likely will kill us in one hit. We fly our airship as far west as we can.

Remember the cave we initially exited? When we were trapped?

There's a place up here we can visit.

There's also a Black Mage here but he offers nothing in the line of goods for us.

Narshe is a city in Final Fantasy VI. Also of note, a Red Mage statue.

Also of note, are you freakin' kidding me? Sonic the Hedgehog? Now I have nothing against Sonic but this is just shameful throwing him in here.

Enemies! Worth tons of experience and gold! They can also one-hit kill us, but given the way the platforms are set up, we can poke them from a safe distance until they die.

Though, they take a lot of poking. But, we pretty much level up for every one enemy we kill here.

Also money. Money is good.

And levels. Also these green things, whatever they are.

Now this here is a tease. On another file of mine, I achieved level 67 and I was still unable to pass this. This is probably just the creators saying "this is the end of the map go away."

We'll... be staying here for awhile if we hope to advance. Which is to say, we'll be having a grindfest.