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Part 6: Post 06: Crimson Wizard

Post 06: Crimson Wizard

"Naked and bloody in a jail cell? Geez."

"And now I have a sword and I'm slashing this plant!"

"And now I'm leaping over this goblin!"

"And now I'm a pimp."

As I've been playing the Dragoon, which has no magic, I'll now show off the Red Mage, who... well, uses all kinds of magic.

The Red Mage uses rods, starting out with a Wooden Rod to be exact. Rods have... well, very little reach.

We also come equipped with Black (offensive magic) and White (defensive magic).

What I suspect is a throwback to Final Fantasy I, we must purchase our spells, as we learn none by naturally leveling up. Here, we have...

Cure, a healing spell that costs 5 MP to use.
Pure, another healing spell, only it cures poisoning. It costs 3MP per use.
Blizzard, which summons shards of ice to hit the foe. 3MP a pop.
Poison, which... well, poisons enemies. 8 MP a use.

Blizzard is somewhat a pain to use, as it appears at a certain angle a distance ahead of you.

Oh yes, compared to the Dragoon... the Red Mage can't jump for crap. I tried repeatedly to get up to the chest that was here, but just couldn't clear the jump.

I mean really it cannot jump for anything. With the Dragoon I was clearing these jumps without a care in the world.

When we finally procure money, we return to town and buy Poison. It's neat in that, when used on an enemy, the enemy remains poisoned... forever. They slowly die.

The awesome part?

It works on every enemy and boss.

I poisoned this boss here and then hid in a corner out of his attack reach, and then died after about twenty seconds. This spell is... well, cheap but effective.

Eventually I journey over to the small town west of here, and buy...

Libra, a spell that tells us an enemy's name and their health. It costs 6 MP per use.
Blizzara, the upgraded form of Blizzard. It costs 11 MP per use.

...when used it says we're using Blizzard, though the animation is different so, yeah.

The Red Mage is truly an awesome class, given that Poison alone can kill anything as long as it doesn't kill you first.