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Part 8: Post 08: Caller

Post 08: Caller

The Summoner is supposedly the hardest class to use, so, we'll give him a spin.

It starts with no summons, a Wooden Rod, and that's about it. Any weaponry and armour it gets later on only adds single digits to its attack and defense.

The first two summons we can get are Chocobo and Shiva, both of which are of Final Fantasy fame.

Using Chocobo does Chocobo Rush, which costs 3 MP per use. It travels in a straight line and hits everything in its path.

Using Shiva does Diamond Dust, an ice-based attack. It costs 9 MP per use.

The first boss is... still easy, even for the Summoner.

The next summon we can get is Ramuh, who casts Divine Bolt, a lightning-based attack. He's a bit steep to summon though at a cost of 35 MP.

Next is Leviathan, who calls forth a Tsunami, a water-based attack. It costs 55 MP per use.

From Narshe we can purchase Odin, who, well, he uses Zantetsuken. Unlike in Final Fantasy however, it won't instantly kill the enemy. 65 MP per use.

The final summon, as far as I know, is found down here where we got the Holy Lance for the Dragoon. This guy here took two castings of Odin and then another five or six whacks with our staff before he died.

Bahamut is a large dragon, yes. Based on the graphic used for him here, he's using his Final Fantasy V appearance. He appears, uses Mega Flare, and vanishes, yes. 82 MP per use.

And that's all for the summons! Unless I missed one, but as far as I know these are all of them. Other than that, that's all of Final Vision! It was... well, extremely short, even though it could have been longer. Thanks for reading!