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Part 34: Fourth Interlude (Ranking Progress: A New Hope)

Back by popular demand, it's a status update on the rankings! This isn't really a particularly good time for one, but the end of the game is coming in just a few chapters. And I'm moving, so I don't have time to do a real update for a few days.

Survival remains unfailable. Power remains exactly the same thing as XP.

Combat has only been further solidified at the 5 star level since the last update. The enemy power level stopped growing noticeably 8 chapters ago but my characters have become very high level and can now easily one-round them en masse.

So the real ranking categories:

In tactics I currently have 63 turns to spare, and that's only going to go up. I'm going to try to break 100, which will be a little tricky since there's not many chapters left.

What about XP? This time my chart will list both the current requirement and the one I need to reach by the very end:

My surplus has actually nearly doubled since my last update. In fact, I have a bigger surplus relative to the endgame requirements now than I did relative to the current ones after 16x. I doubt I can hit a 20k surplus relative to the endgame requirements since I'm nearly out of low-level people and free XP like unpromoted staff users and Lalum and thieves, but I'm going to try.

My current surplus level has basically not changed since the 16x update, despite stealing every available item and getting all the loot. That's probably because I've started using expensive weapons whenever I want and promoted tons of people (nearly 20 in total). There's no one left I want to promote though, so I should start doing a bit better. Not that I really need to because I'm already well over the intended endgame funds requirement (and 100,000 over the actual endgame funds requirement).

So anyway, I've already completed every requirement and basically cannot lose at this point. It's just a matter of winning by as much as I can.