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by vilkacis

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Original Thread: Fire Emblem: Binding Blade. Yes, the one with Roy in it.



It occurred to me that I've never actually seen how this game goes. For some reason I never got around to playing it, I wasn't around for the first LP, and the other one going on right now is a mechanics-only run that mostly glosses over the story. I guess I could go read the archived thread - but where's the fun in that? Clearly the best way to experience the full thing is to do a blind LP disclaimer: LP may not be entirely blind of the game and show the world what's up!

(If anything I've heard about this game is true, that's probably not going to be Roy's stats.)

Since I don't know the game too well, this is going to be a mostly informal, relaxed run, not a super informative sperg-about-all-the-stats completionist one.

To differentiate myself from the previous thread, I'll be using the re-translation patch that was released a couple of years back. I'll also be doing a slight bit of romhacking on the side just to spice things up.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Dawn of Destiny or, The Obligatory Bandit Chapter
Chapter 2: The Princess of Bern or, A Ruud Awakening
Chapter 3: Latecomer's Sorrow or, Bullshit Of The Highest Degree
Chapter 4: Crumbling League or, A Trustworthy Face
Chapter 5: Fire Emblem or, Crushing Disappointment
Chapter 6: Ensnared or, Ride of the Woltkyries
Chapter 7: The Ostian Revolt or, Levels Full Of Dreck
Chapter 8: Reunion or, Fuck Thrones Forever
Chapter 8x: The Blazing Blade or, The Thong of Roland
Chapter 9: The Misty Isles or, Great Scott!
Chapter 10: Amidst a Struggle or, Ah, Gonzales!
Chapter X-2 or, Screw You Guys
Chapter 11: Flight Toward Freedom or, Hunka Hunka Borin' Love
Chapter 12: The True Enemy or, More Like Mana-kill-me
Chapter 12x: The Thunder Axe or, Fuck of War
Chapter 13: Rescue Mission or, Wolt of the North Star
Chapter 14: Arcadia or, The Comic Sans of Map Design
Chapter 14x: The Infernal Truth or, The Infernal Level Design
Chapter 15: The Dragon Child or, That's 15 More Than The Fucks I Give
Chapter XV-2 or, Still Not Worth It
Chapter 16: Storming the Capital or, Not Narcian's Day
Chapter 16x: The Glorious Ascension or, Aureola
Chapter 17: Ocean's Parting or, Revenge of the Nerds Fliers
Chapter 18: The Frozen River or, The Filler Chapter
Chapter 19: Bitter Cold or, Already Dead
Chapter 20: Ilia's Salvation or, A Castle Staffed By Assholes
Chapter 20x: The Blizzard Spear or, Fall of the Wall
Chapter 21: The Binding Blade or, Literally All The Wyverns
Chapter 21x: The Elder Revelation or, Later, Shitlord
Chapter 22: An Undying Dream (I) or, Roy Against The World
Chapter 22: An Undying Dream (II) or, Zephiel's World
Chapter 22 redux or, 97% Less Fabulous
Chapter 23: The Ghost of Bern or, What The Fuck, Karel
Chapter 24: Legends and Lies or, The Legendary Super Jeigan
Final Chapter: Beyond the Darkness or, Thanks For All The Fish

Assorted Goodies

Fun stuff made by the thread. I'll note which chapter it was posted after so you can stop reading before you get into spoiler territory if you care about that kind of thing.

Chapter 1

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

You people are already running me dry!

This is about all I've got left in me...!

Chapter 2

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

Rude has the lowest-level, least competent troops in all of Bern. I'm wondering why they left the princess under his care in the first place.

Chapter 4

LordHippoman posted:

I don't know if this counts as fanart since I've had it since last year, but I logged onto Guild Wars 2 and forgot what I named my pet shark.

nothing can escape his maw

Chapter 7

Tyty posted:

I dare say this "Roy" fellow doesn't seem to be quite... How should I put it?... Fit to be the son of a marquess, if you will. He's run himself positively ragged!

Chapter 8

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

You're already doing sillier shit than I could think of.

Have to up the ante, I guess.

Chapter 9

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

(I just picked names out of the wikipedia synopsis I don't actually know much about Game of Thrones.)

(This LP started on May 29th so four episodes have aired since Roy started his stabbing career.)

Chapter 10

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

Unfortunately all FE6 threads get is me.

I should explain: Clarine has eyestalks because I did it once and I have a canon goddammit.

yokaiy posted:

vilkacis posted:

Sigh... Youthful energy. Where does it come from?

Probably the asskicking pants. In one of the pockets, with the resolve.

And let me start by saying that this mental image would not leave my head.

Chapter 14

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

Chapter 15

dancingbears posted:

with apologies to OFS

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

Well Vilkacis if you aren't recruiting Percy you'll just have to deal with alarmingly elaborate references to anti-German WW1 propoganda.

In which I cast you as the German, obviously.

Chapter 16x

yokaiy posted:

Adorable murder!

Final Chapter

bluerocker posted:

Aw, it's all over. Oh well, thanks for the fun LP vilkacis, and have a doodle of Fae and Idun holding hands.

I don't my scanner readily available at the moment, so sorry if the image quality is a little bad from my phone taking the picture.
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