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Part 13: Interlude 2 (Introduction to Elibe)

Interlude 2:

Eliwood’s story opens with a brief outline of the history of Elibe and its countries, but Hector’s story skips over this entirely since you’ll already have seen it. For the benefit of any of you who haven’t played FE7 or FE6 before I’ll start up a file of Eliwood’s story quickly here and show you the aforementioned introduction to the setting:

The continent of Elibe. Are there other continents? Maybe. But I don’t think they’re ever mentioned, so the whole setting is just called Elibe. You can see the names of the various countries if you really look closely, plus a few other words labelling seas and stuff I think.

And a history lesson!

That pretty much concludes history! A more or less calm 1000 years follows as several of these 8 Generals/8 Legends found their own countries. The whole story of “1000 years ago, a group of X heroes defeated the great enemy with their super weapons and then retired to found all the countries that now exist” is very common in FE. Sacred Stones shakes it up by having it be 800 years ago.

There’s the 8 Legends pictured together in the title sequence. Athos is at the bottom, Barigan in the bottom-right wielding Maltet, St. Elimine is doing a silly pose between those two, Durban is in the top-right with Armads, Bramimond is in the top-left, Roland is in the middle-left with Durandal, Hanon is in the bottom-left with Miurgre, and Hartmut is in the middle, apparently without his weapon, Eckesachs, and using the Sword of Seals instead. The names of their awesome capes sadly went unrecorded by history.

Although it’s easy to start to think of Lycia as the center of the universe while playing FE6 or FE7, that’s basically just because the protagonists happen to be from there. Bern and Etruria are probably more important and were founded by a more important pair of the 8 legends. Hartmut seems to have been the leader of the legends.

And St. Elimine is maybe a goddess or something. Really her status is unclear, but the principle religion of nearly the whole world seems to revolve around her in some capacity.

Of the places that are actually countries, Ilia is almost unarguably the least important. Prepare to never hear this name again.

Not a country. Just a region inhabited entirely by weird, bald twin bandits. Who they rob when our heroes aren’t in the area is anyone’s guess.

Also not really a country. Just a loose confederation of tribes that aren’t even really capable of putting aside their differences to fight invaders.

Pretty much just part of Etruria. But one doesn’t expect a man so crazy that he thinks of himself and his axe as one being to be a good leader of a country, so no surprise there.

Lycia is pretty much a country in name only, as was implied throughout Lyn’s story. There’s dozens of largely independent tiny realms in Lycia with Ostia as seemingly the first among equals. And they have no compunctions against going to war with each other or anything.