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Part 102: Dart

Support Conversations: Dart



C - Attack + 1, Accuracy + 5, Avoid + 2.5, Critical + 5, Critical Evade + 2.5
B - Attack + 2, Accuracy + 10, Avoid + 5, Critical + 10, Critical Evade + 5
A - Attack + 3, Accuracy + 15, Avoid + 7.5, Critical + 15, Critical Evade + 7.5

C Support

: So! Who's next? Come on! Attack me!
: Huh?
: Wha--! ...Oh. You're on our side, right? You've got a sort of slack-jawed look about you...
: Dan?! Hey, you're Dan, aren't you? Wow, how have you been? And hey! What are you doing here, anyway?
: What's it to you!? The name's Dart, and I'm a mate in Fargus's pirate crew!
: You're...Dan, right?
: Uhh, no.
: Yes, you are!
: No, I'm not!
: Hmm... Are you sure you're not Dan?
: Will you knock it off?!
: Fine, just say you're not Dan... I can take a hint... It was just an honest mistake, you know! Man...!
: ...What was that about!? And who did he think he was messing with, anyway? I'd run him through as soon as look at 'im!

B Support

: I've finally found you, you cad! Today is the last day of your life! Prepare yourself!
: Dan! I mean...not Dan... Pirate guy! Da-... Da-... Dark!
: It's Dart, you idiot!
: Yeah, right. So, um...what do you want with me?
: Well, I kind of owe you one from earlier... Or maybe a few... Yeah, I owe you a few whacks with this here axe!!
: A few whacks, huh...I'll, uhh, pass.
: Who asked you, chum-for-brains? These people are driving me nuts!
: Look out! An enemy! Look, I'm kind of busy right now. Maybe next time, eh, Darth?
: Hold on! It's Dart, you ignorant toad! Yarr! Come back here!

A Support

: ...Now I've found you,you stinking bow-plucker!
: Whoa! Look! Behind you!
: What!?
: Are you OK?
: You idiot! On your right!
: Whoa! ...Phew. That was close! Thanks. You're Dart, right?
: Snrk! I wasn't trying to help you, squid-bait! Just forget about it... But did save me first... So think of it as payback!
: ...Hmmm.
: What!?
: You know, Dart, you really do look like Dan. It's just so hard to imagine you're not him...
: Not that again! Who is this guy!? Who is Dan!?
: Dan was my childhood fr... He was my best friend... We left home together five years ago, but it didn't go too well. Last time I saw him was back in Badon...
: Five years ago? In Badon, you say...
: That's right.
: ... Naw...couldn't be...
: What? Do you know something?
: ...Well, about five years ago, Fargus pulled into port at Badon, and a young man had collapsed on the pier... He was bleeding pretty badly... They say it was a miracle he lived at all.
: What!
: Everyone in town just pretended not to notice... And no wonder... That day was a holy day for Elimine's flock. They were forbidden any contact with blood... And the sailors... Well, you know how superstitious they are... That man lay there, half alive, for six hours...
: That's terrible...
: Then the taboo lifted, and someone picked him up, just in time... ...It was the leader of the pirates that work out of Badon. Well, that young man recovered, but as if in exchange for his life, he had lost all of his memories...
: Dart, you don't think...
: I don't know, I don't know... ...It's just a story I've heard around...



C - Attack + 1, Accuracy + 5, Avoid + 5, Critical + 5
B - Attack + 2, Accuracy + 10, Avoid + 10, Critical + 10
A - Attack + 3, Accuracy + 15, Avoid + 15, Critical + 15

C Support

: Brother?
: Huh? Are you talking to me?
: Oh, uhh...
: Ah, a case of mistaken identity? Forget it. No bother. Now get lost.
: I’m sorry... From behind, you look just like my brother who ran away from home.
: ...What was his name?
: Dan... His name was Dan.
: Hmm... Don’t know him.
: What is your name?
: I’m Dart! Mate on the Davros, vessel of the feared pirates of Fargus!
: P-Pirates!?
: ...Hey, now that’s the reaction I like to see! You don’t just go walking up to any man you see and take his arm, missie!
: ...Dart...

B Support

: Umm...Dart!
: Hm? What, you again?
: My name is Rebecca. I wanted to apologize for earlier...
: Apologize?
: For...being afraid of you... I’m sorry.
: Don’t worry about it. That is to say, it’s a rare woman that don’t fear pirates.
: I suppose so... But I’m still sorry.
: I said it’s fine. ...Urp. Oog... The beat in my belly is growling again...
: Oh! Here. Have this!
: What’s in here?
: It’s a special lunch I make. Fresh fruit, roasted fowl, herbed bread, and...
: Urp...
: Here you go.
: Uhh, all right, then. So now we’re even? Is that fair?
: Sure!

A Support

: Ho, Rebecca!
: Ah! Dart!
: Here.
: Ooooh! What a pretty shell! Is it for me?
: Yeah. Thanks for the food earlier.
: Well, it’s awfully nice of you, but didn’t you say we were even back there?
: Uhh... I didn’t think you’d remember that part.
: HeeHee. Don’t look so frumpy! Thank you! I will treasure it!
: Er, yeah.
: ...
: What’s the matter?
: I know I shouldn’t keep saying this but... Dart... You just look so much like my brother...
: Is that so? Well, who knows. Maybe I am.
: What?
: I don’t have any memories of my life more ‘n five years back... Fargus found me, bloody and limp on a pier, and I didn’t know who I was... I’m thinkin’ I must have leaked more ‘n just blood out of my ears, you know? Now I don’t remember nothin’!
: My brother left home... ...Exactly... Five years...ago...
: It’s just strange luck, that. Unless...there’s more to it.
: Well, he did have a scar on his right side, on his abdomen... from when he was gored by a stag in the forests of Pherae! Do you have a scar like that?
: Abdomen... That’s over here, eh? And me right... That’s starboard, innit?
: Amazing... You really are...
: ...Hey. Is this for real?
: Ah...
: Look, it’s nothin’ personal-like. I just want to be sure. I mean. I’d be glad to think you were my sister, but... I’d hate to find out I was wrong later, you know?
: Dart...
: Aww, blow me down... Just call me Brother... Either way, I’ll go back to me ship when this battle ends... so why don’t we both just play along for a little while... Right?
: Uh, um...sure. I guess...that would be... Yeah! Big brother Dart!
: Not...Dan?
: No, I’ll just call you “Brother Dart.” You might not be Dan anymore, but you’re definitely my brother! I’m sure of it...
: Rebecca...