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Part 122: Pent and Louise

Well, while I wait on the whole computer thing, I can do some stuff I've been meaning to do since finishing Eliwood's story.

Support Conversations: Pent and Louise

Since Pent and Louise automatically come at an A rank, you have to unlock their conversations in a different way. If you bring the two of them on three specific maps, they'll have the option to chat and you can see their support conversations: Cog of Destiny for C, Victory or Death for B, and Light (but only for the part with the dragon) for their A conversation. This is kind of nice, in that their supports are actually plot-relevant, which is a huge drawback to the system that was used in this game and FE8, thankfully fixed for FE9 (and presumably, the rest of the series to come).

A - Attack + 1.5, Defense + 3, Accuracy + 15, Avoid + 7.5, Critical + 7.5, Crit Evade + 7.5

C Support

: Louise, are you OK?
: I am, Lord Pent. This is the Shrine of Seals, isn’t it?
: Yes, it appears so. Its location is a mystery to all but a chosen few... The palace in Etruria will be delighted. I suppose now we must return to Etruria and deliver a full and detailed report...
: What will you do?
: Louise, what would you like to do?
: I share your feelings on the matter.
: I see... Well, then we shall travel with them, at least for a while longer. I do put you in the most awkward positions, do I not?
: That is decidedly not true. I am pleased simply to continue like this. After all, I’m with you, aren’t I, my lord Pent?
: Louise...
: Lord Pent...

B Support

: Lord Pent, where is the Archsage?
: He’s performing a ceremony in Arcadia. He said he would make the Dragon’s Gate in time.
: Ah... I’m worried.
: About Lord Athos?
: Yes. During my stay in the Nabata wasteland, the Archsage... He would not eat unless I suggested it first. Left alone, I’m sure that he will not have eaten anything.
: Ha ha... There’s no need to worry. Lord Athos has long ago surpassed the needs of human flesh. He has need of neither food nor rest.
: Oh, is that so? Yet if he partook in a delicious meal, he might be even more vigorous...
: That he might. After all, a good meal is more than just nutrition, is it not?
: The same goes for you, Lord Pent. When you’re deep in research, you lock yourself away from all concerns. Even if I prepare meals and wait, you don’t eat for days...
: It appears I’ve left you lonely. ...I’m sorry. When this battle is ended, I will amend my bad habits.
: Truly?
: Yes, of course.
: Then I have a request. When this journey is over, let us spend some time at home. We’ll take tea in the parlor and spend entire days together.
: Very well. I promise.
: You make me so happy, Lord Pent.

A Support

: Stay beside me, Louise. We mustn’t get separated.
: Yes, Lord Pent... That is a dragon, isn’t it?
: Yes. Years ago, Lord Athos and the other legends fought...that.
: Lord Pent...
: I understand why you’re trembling. It’s been a thousand years, but I think I understand why humans and dragons fought. Compared to humans, dragons are so incredibly powerful. Their mere existence must have seemed like a threat... Too much of a threat for humans to bear.
: ...
: A thousand years... Other than Lord Athos, no one has experience in this type of combat. None of us can begin to imagine what this fight will be like.
: You’re right.
: However, there is one certainly. Louise, I will protect you.
: Lord Pent, I... I will protect you as well. Along with the child inside me... our child.
: Louise, that’s...