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Part 125: System Logoff - Gameshark Fire Emblem Part 2

First off, my apologies for putting this update off for a while. I'm sure there are curious people who are interested in this (sometimes more than I am!) and I expect to be corrected if I forgot anything.

Now, baring enemy items with boosted stats, these are the only weapons (that the player can use) that can't be obtained in normal gameplay.

Now, first things first, the Poison Weapons. They are... not that great to be honest. Let's just compare them with their iron counterparts:





Across the board they are weaker, and in one case heaver. Damage over time becomes laughable when you are up close to units and battling. The only time it really works is when you have a whole army of units to annoy your opponent. Just like the game likes to do.

The only one I'd consider useful would be the Poison Bow, just because you can plink enemies and run away. I guess it could also be used for enemies over a wall that would run away as well.

Now, as for that book...

It's amazing. It's not the most powerful dark magic book, but it has one useful bonus feature...

[Tactician]: Hey, Nills? Go use this on an enemy.

: But I don't know how to use Dark Magic.

[Tactician]: Trust me~

: If this ends badly, I'm telling Lyn.


: Ha ha ha ha... Ah ha ha ha ha

[Tactician]: See, I told you it would wor--

: Be right back, going to go solo this map. Hee hee hee hee heeeee!

Yeah, like I was saying, anyone can use this book. It will instantly give them a Dark Magic rank as well. It's surprisingly powerful even on non-mage characters.

: Oh, we can all play!

: Forever...

I always enjoy giving the book to the pacifist Nills. I think that might make me a bad person.

I guess I should also mention that you can also add all the Ballistas into your inventory as well. So you can fire death whenever you want. It does take the fun out of maps though.

Well, that's it for me. I hope you all enjoyed it. Here's the codes to give the first character all the enemy items. (Replaces all items in inventory)

8202BD6E 5508
8202BD70 5518
8202BD72 5522
8202BD74 552f
8202BD76 558e