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Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword

by Artix74

Part 127: A Patch to simulate "Fixed Growth" mode

There as been a lot of discussion about the randomness of level ups, and how it can bless or (in Artrix's case) screw over a unit. This Let's Play made me interested in playing the game again, but I didn't want to deal with the random nature of the level ups.

Thankfully, I found a patch to the game that will fixed each unit's growths to their growth rates, instead of being random each level up. It's part of a collection of notes from Hextator.

In that collection, navigate to: "Hextator's Doc\Media\Games\Console\NGBA\Fire Emblem\Game Doc - Blazing Sword\Stats\Tony Mode"

Applying that patch to the game fixes each unit's growths to a table that is created from a unit's growth rates. I've only played through Lyn mode, but it's a nice feeling knowing that each unit is growing how they should. I think I'll use Guy in this playthrough to see if that 30% growth rate, when it is actually 30%, is enough.