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Part 20: Noble Lady of Caelin

A plan to use Laus as the starting ground for a rebellion against Ostia. Eliwood needs proof to believe these accusations, and so he and his allies pursue Darin, the fleeing marquess of Laus. Where that chase would lead, Eliwood could never have known.

: Where on earth has that snake Darin gone?

: I doubt he's left Lycia yet, but... Hector, it's been five days. The death of Lord Helman... Our attack on Castle Laus... Word of these things must have reached Lord Uther by now. And yet, he shows no sign of action. Why?

: I'm sure he has his reasons. My brother has other concerns tying his hands right now. We've received disturbing reports from Bern over the past few months. King Desmond is behaving oddly. If he sees even the slightest crack in Lycia's defenses, we believe he'll invade with all of Bern's might behind him. My brother has only recently become marquess, as well as head of the Lycian League. He can't allow another country to see any weakness or discord.

: He has to present the face of stability and strength, is that it?

: Yes. It seems every country has a spy working in Ostia right now. They all want to assess the new marquess's temperament and skill. If they sense anything wrong, word will spread like wildfire.

: Hector, you're the marquess's brother... Wouldn't not being at his side be seen as something "wrong?"

: The marquess's brother is a well-known lout. If I were at court, they'd sense something wrong.

: You're not too proud of that reputation, are you?

: Not in the least.

Now we've got problems. Aside from Lord Darin being up to god knows what, Bern is apparently looking into flexing its military muscles. With a civil war possible, the last thing Lycia needs is an attack from a stronger military power.

: What is it, Marcus? Have you heard something?

: Yes, my lord. A messenger from the east! Castle Caelin has fallen to a surprise attack from Marquess Laus!

: They've struck again.

: Lord Hausen, is he unharmed?

: We've no word on Lord Hausen or his granddaughter, the Lady Lyndis.

: I never expected them to attack Caelin... Lord Hausen... Lyndis...

: Lord Eliwood, Lord Hector... What should we do?

: They might still be alive, right? There's only one thing we can do!

: We ride to their aid! There may still be time!

Oh... This doesn't look good.

: Laus soldiers are scattered from the castle to the edge of this forest. There must be at least 50 soldiers!

: Are you sure about this milady? We barely escaped... Going back to the castle would mean almost certain death.

: My grandfather is in the castle. I left the castle on his orders, but... I can't leave him in there alone!

: The numbers we face... Rescuing Lord Hausen will be no easy task.

: I wonder if we can expect any reinforcements.

: I overheard some of the Laus soldiers talking. They claim Lord Eliwood invaded Laus and drove them out.

: Eliwood? Why would he attack Laus?

: It gets even more interesting... Not only did Marquess Laus abandon his castle, but he also left his son, Eric, behind when he fled here to Caelin.

: That's despicable! He abandoned his own son?

: But at least we know Eliwood is in Laus. We might be able to ask him for help. Assuming there was a way to contact him, of course.

: If we are to avoid being caught, the best path would be through the forest. Shall I go?

: I suspect you're right. Horses cannot move well in woods... It'll take you a while, but you can travel lightly.

: Lady Lyndis! I'll go! I can fly above the forest and be in Laus faster than anyone else.

: You can't do this on your own! It's not possible!

: Thanks to my time around here, I'm no longer as timid around men as I used to be, and I've met Lord Eliwood before. I'm sure I can do this on my own.

: It will be terribly dangerous. You understand, don't you? Alright, you've convinced me. The job's yours, Florina. But you must promise me you won't try anything impossible!

: She's become a fully-fledged pegasus knight.

: Yes, she has.

: All for you, Lady Lyndis. That's quite gallant.

: When we lived on the plains, I was always her protector. I know I shouldn't feel sad, and yet...

: Is that... a pegasus knight? Where do you suppose she's going? It doesn't matter, we've been told not to let anyone out of Caelin. Archers! Advance! Bring her down!

: Then I'll have to... Wait, who are those people? They fly no banner, and yet... Ah! That man in the lead! It's Lord Eliwood! He's come to Caelin's aid! That's wonderful. I have to tell him where Lady Lyndis is waiting!

: Why are their archers advancing? They're aiming at something up high...

: Lord Eliwood, look! A pegasus knight!

: Lord Eliwood!

: could it really be... Florina, is that you?

: Yes! I'm Lady Lyndis's...

: Wha- Oh! Aaaah!

: Lord Eliwood? I...

: Those archers almost hit you. You avoided the arrows, but you lost your balance.

: I'm sorry. I'm such trouble...

: I'm just glad you're not hurt. Tell me Florina, weren't you with Lyndis?

: Yes! Lord Eliwood, Lady Lyndis is beyond that forest. she's waiting for a chance to assault the castle.

: She's what!? Ah... Still, it's good to hear she's still safe.

: She's fine. However, Lord Hausen's been captured. He's still in the castle.

: I see. Let's go then!

: I want to know if we brought down that pegasus knight! If she's still breathing, make her stop!

: My lord! To the west! We're under attack! It's that Pheraen noble, Eliwood!

: He's here, eh? Now's our chance to show Marquess Laus our loyalty. Our opponents are a motley band of fools! They're no match for us!

Time to save Caelin, I suppose.

We start here, in the northwest corner. Merlinus will be popping up above the house to Lowen's right.

There are two villages to the south, but the bandits come onto the map so late, they might as well have not even bothered.

Lyn, Kent, Sain, and Wil will be starting in the southeast corner.

And of course, our destination is Castle Caelin.

Bauker has an absolutely ridiculous resistance for a knight, but other than that he's nothing special.

: It was you all along, wasn't it, Art? Me? I'm still traveling in pursuit of knowledge. I'll never outstrip my tutor, but I'm getting a bit closer... Well, Art, tell me what you need me to do.

Alright, let's talk strategy. Florina is going to head south to the one village, and Sain is going to ride to the eastern one. Dorcas, Oswin, and Serra are going to hang out with Merlinus, and the rest of the crew is going to head for the castle. Lyn and co are going to be doing some shopping, and then joining up with the main army before taking out Bauker.

The first turn is quite boring combat-wise, but we do lots of shopping. I pick up two of each steel weapon, a pair of hand axes and javelins, and two or three of each iron weapon.

The second turn starts off with an exciting level for Rebecca.

Okay, well exciting might be overselling it a bit. She does get a bow level out of it, though.

Next, Florina hits the west village.

Castle Caelin's been seized by Marquess Laus's men. We don't know what's become of Lord Hausen... We've been saving this for our daughter's wedding, but... it might serve you better now. Please help Marquess Caelin. Our lord needs rescuing.

Well, I'm not going to complain about that.


As of this point, all levels are null. The recording went bad, so these are what popped up when I replayed it. None of these are being carried over in the main file.

On the east side, a mercenary drops a Horseslayer after Kent runs him through. Why he was carrying a lance in the first place is a mystery.

Well Done Erk. The level you got in my main run just simply can't compare with that majesty. (He got HP, Mag, Spd, Luck, Def)

Sain drops in the east village next.

Marquess Laus's man, the one called Bauker... He seems like a gentle man, but his skill is near legendary. Do you carry weapons suited to battling knights? Take this if you please.

Hey, hey, did you know Bauker is a knight? Do you know how to fight knights? Here, this is how you fight knights! (We know, it's called "You drop Hector on them")

Some cavaliers start heading south, but Dorcas knocks one of them out from behind the ridge with his hand axe.

I think he got HP, Strength, and maybe Skill in my other run. I'd rather have this, to be honest.

I don't remember what all Lyn got in the other run, aside from that she got another point of defense. That alone puts that level above this one.

And this is why you don't fuck with Oswin, kids.

I'm going to miss that point of speed. I think he got HP, Luck, Def.

I don't remember Guy's level at all, so it was probably something similar to this.

I don't think Lowen leveled up at all in the main run. Which is probably for the better, if this is anything to go by.

A mage near the castle is nice enough to give us his gently used copy of a thunder tome. It's so nice when everyone is sharing.

Oh Fuck off.

Lowen runs over to start things with Bauker.

Hector gains a level after smacking Bauker around a bit.

Ugh. I think my level in the main run was about as bad, too. Priscilla levels up doing to some healing maintenance.

Another one I'll dearly miss. Hector finishes the job in the enemy phase.

Hector only leveled once, so this was an added "bonus" during the second recording. It was truly an exciting thing.

: Lyndis, once we defeat the remaining foe, the castle's yours.

: Thank you, Eliwood. IF not for your help, I don't know where I'd be right now.

: All this happened because we routed Darin at Laus. It's only right that we help.

: You explained your motives to me, Eliwood. This is about your father. I would do the same thing in your position. What happened in Caelin is not your fault.

: Thank you. However, until the castle is yours again, I take responsibility.

: Eliwood! We're moving into the castle!

: Oh, yes. Let me introduce you. Hector!

: What?

: This is Lyndis, Lord Hausen's granddaughter. Lyndis, this is Hector, Lord Uther's brother.

: His brother? Really?

: Yes.

: I was watching the way he fights... He's not like you Eliwood. He's somewhat like my own knights, but different still. He relies so much on power. It's like he's never been-

: I haven't. I taught myself how to fight.

: I've no issue with that, but the way you swing that axe around... You're a threat to your allies! You should be more watchful.

: Lyndis, what's come over you?

: Hm? Oh... I... My apologies. I didn't intend to seem so critical.

: Granted, Hector's style may be a tad dangerous, but there's no one I depend on more. You may think him careless, but he's always aware of his surroundings.

: The more you praise me, the less worthy I sound.

: Lyndis, once you fight alongside Hector, I'm sure you'll understand.

: I'm sure you're right. I apologize, Hector. I"m honored to have your help.

: No apology necessary. I'm glad I can lend a hand.

: Let's go inside, shall we?

: So good to see you! Have you been well?

: Well met, Art. Good to see you again.

: Well! This really is a pleasant surprise!

: Hello, Art! Has it really been a year?

: What's wrong Florina? You needn't hide back there.

: Um... Nice to see you again. I don't suppose you... Do you remember me?

: Everyone who remained in Caelin speaks of you fondly. We're always saying "I wonder where Art is..." Yes, you are right. This isn't the best time to be catching up. We're here to rescue my grandfather. Art, will you help me again?

: Lord Darin, it's time to give up this madness. Further resistance is meaningless. For what you've done, you may never be forgiven, but it's not too late to try. Tell Eliwood everything. He'll intervene with Marquess Ostia on your behalf...

: I... I've lost...

: Hurry! Eliwood will be here soon. Let me speak for you. *stab* Guaaa!

: L-Lord Ephidel?

: There is no turning back now. You should know that. First Marquess Santaruz, now Marquess Caelin. Both deaths are on your head.

: What? It was by your hand they both died! I-I never asked for this.

: Yes. I killed them...for you.

: trap me?

: Nonsense. I follow my master's orders. My only wish is to deliver your dreams to you. The crown of a united Lycia... And once that is done, dominion over the entire continent. That is what you desire, no?

: ...Yes... Yes, of course. That dream is still worth a few sacrifices, isn't it?

: You're exactly right. Our plans may have gone drastically awry, but as long as we have the master's power behind us, we cannot be defeated. We'd do well to leave now, before those meddlesome worms arrive. You will leave everyone from Laus behind. We will use them to delay our foe.

: Everyone... My soldiers? But who will protect me?

: The Black Fang and I will more than suffice for that task. There is nothing else you need, I assure you.

: Yes... I... I see that now. Where do we go from here?

: To the Dragon's Gate. Our master awaits us there. The master has informed me that our hostage may be all we need. If all goes well, we may be able to perform the ceremony with him alone.

: Oh! Is that so? I suppose we've nothing to worry about then.

: That is correct. Now please, begin your retreat. I have two or three orders to give, then I will be right behind you.

Ephidel is one of my favorite villains in the game. He's just so cold and logical, it's a nice change from "I'm a fucking villain, we're going to go do some evil shit because why not?"

: Leila? Where are you?

: I'm here.

: While Eliwood is occupied, finish off Marquess Caelin and hide the body. The enemy will waste precious time searching for him.

: As you command...

: You know, you've only been with the Black Fang a short while. However, you are quite skilled. I look forward to watching you.

: Yes, sir.


Another new face among the Black Fang, but this one doesn't seem to be entirely on board with Ephidel's policies. At the very least, she's apathetic about doing her job. A later ally, perhaps?