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Part 30: Genesis

: Where am I? …Where is everyone?

: Hello. You're awake! Are you well?

: ...You're...from before…

: Hawkeye's friend.

: Um… Hawkeye? What is this place?

: ...I don't know.

: Eh? You don't know? I would never have imagined a place such as this existed.

: My master never spoke of anything like this.

: Nils! Is everyone all right?

: Yes, they're nearby. I can't see them, but... I can sense them. So they must be OK.

: That's good.

: Do you know where we are? I wonder how we get out of here…

: I'd like to know, too.

: Yes! You're right. It's strange. Unsettling!

: This disquieting feeling... I know it... I've felt it before. Back on Valor.

: On the Dread Isle?

: Yes, we first felt it in those ruins near the Dragon's Gate. That was right before all our magics failed us.

: Pent, doesn't that sound like...

: What's that?

: I'm not entirely certain how to explain it. It's...someone whose very presence nullifies all magic.

: Why would this person be here? Why now?

: I have no idea. All I know is that we're being watched.

: Uh-oh! Something's happening!

: They are...very powerful.

: He summoned them here? I'm beginning to suspect the magic seal created this place.

: If we kill him, can we get out of here?

: Perhaps.

: Then we fight! If they have strength, then we'll match their strength and challenge them! We don't have time for this!

: I will fight, too. Pent, you stay here and guard the others.

: Understood.

: Select those who will go with us. ...And choose carefully.

Okay then, 22x. Genesis is the second of the Kishuna chapters, and it's a royal pain in the ass. The enemies are all annoying, the layout is terrible, and it's just not a fun map. We do get some very nice prizes for it, but it's just annoying as hell.

First in our preparation is the usual inventory shuffling, and one item in particular makes its way to Dart.

I like it. I like it a lot. Too bad he won't be coming on this map.

The map is divided up into 25 total rooms, with about half as many doors and breakable walls as there should really be. We start in the northeast corner, just outside of the anti-magic field.

There's treasure beneath that sniper, and in both of the bottom corners. It's nothing really special, but since we're here we might as well grab it.

You've probably noticed that every single enemy is promoted. In addition, every physical unit has a Silver weapon or a similarly strong weapon, and all the mages are packing upgraded tomes. The flip-side of this is that there is a lot of experience to be had here if you're careful. Of course, we're not exactly going to be fighting "fairly" either. But that's not what we're here for.

This son of a bitch has picked up more defense, more HP, and bizarrely some strength and skill. All I can say is thank god he doesn't have a higher speed cap because he would most assuredly be pushing it in this fight, and be completely maxed out by the last one. However, the only way to kill him on this map is the following:

First, you'd have to grind up either Wil or Rebecca to a L20 Sniper, and be lucky enough to max out strength. Speed won't help you because Wil's caps aren't high enough to let him double Kishuna, and Rebecca can only do it if she's capped on speed. However, the longbow is the only way to hit him and she's not strong enough to use it without a speed penalty, and even with the body ring she can't pull it off. Wil's higher strength will put him at 30 Atk with the longbow, which puts him at 16 damage to Kishuna. He needs 18 to critical and kill him, so even if literally everything else goes perfectly, you still can't kill him without at least a B-support with another unit that increases strength. If we're talking about Rebecca, same situation except she needs at least one A-support to do it.

Alternatively, you'd need to grind up Bartre or Dorcas and they'd need at minimum 27 strength, and then not only hit in the first place, but critical as well.

That was a whole lot of for "It's not fucking happening."

The other way we can run him off is to open the center door. He'll immediately flee if we do this, and regardless of which way we get him to flee, one of two sets of reinforcements will appear. Should we take the rushing approach, a set of units with a set of Silver weapons will appear. Should we attack from afar, a set of mages will appear, with an Elfire, Shine, and Nosferatu tomes, as well as a Recover staff (fully heals any unit). You guys voted for rushing him, which to be honest is probably the better decision. Both Shine and Elfire will be available in shops soon anyway and Nosferatu is for Canas, who is thoroughly mediocre on this run.

: Try not to get separated.

: …Don't move!

Well fuck, now our group's cut in half.

: …He's responsible. He's watching us from somewhere.

Well that's the first kick in the dick of a stage that's seemingly built around them. So many fucking doors... Now then, some actual strategy. Heath, Lowen, Erk, Serra, and Hawkeye are heading west. Once they clean up that end, Hawkeye'll go to the southwest chest and the others will rejoin the main group. Eliwood, Legault, Florina, Guy, Oswin, and Rath are starting south, which ultimately wraps around to the center.

Turn 2 starts with killing a Druid. Guy claims the bounty.

You know, I just don't even care anymore. I can't even joke, he's done that poorly. At least we get a door key out of it.

You do have to be really careful when navigating around the center. All of the enemies surrounding the K-man are equipped with ranged weapons, and while the hero's hand axe or swordmaster's Light Brand may not hurt too much, that Spear and the sniper's Silver Bow are a bit more painful.

Heath picks up an acceptable level after killing a bishop. He gets the added bonus of a Door Key as well.

Legault...not so much. Shortly after this, I begin work on a terrible decision.

See, that general to the south will come after us as soon as I finish breaking down the wall. Florina and Legault are the only ones there, and Florina's at half health. Said general also has a Silver lance, and the only person on that side in the first place who can take on a general is Oswin...who is about to take on a general up near Guy instead. So I start bringing Eliwood down to do it instead.

A helpless sage gets Heath another quite acceptable level, including a level in lances as well.

Hawkeye bringeth the pain. Berserker critical rates, much like swordmasters, are a thing of beauty.

What do you mean Eliwood can't stand up to a general? Time to get him the hell out there. Next realization: his vulnerary doesn't heal him enough to take another blow, Eliwood only has 5 movement. The same as the general.

Fortunately Oswin gets there the next turn, and drops him to 1 HP. Florina takes the kill since Legault took her last one.

Another very peg knight-ish, mediocre level. Wonderful.

Time for some fun with the AI. The sniper will be more than happy to stand there and fire off his Silver bow for 1 HP shots against Oswin. Rath, with his longbow, will be just as happy to sit there continually shoot him down while remaining out of range of return fire. In fact, Rath will end up completely burning through his longbow via having fun with guys who can't shoot back at him this chapter.

First treasure: The berserk staff is another effect staff, which functions more or less exactly like you'd expect to. Cast it on a unit, and they'll start attacking the closest person, regardless of friend or foe. You do not want this to happen to someone like Oswin who you've given the boots to, along with a Brave Lance. *totally not speaking from experience*

Abusing the hell out of the anti-magic field is the key to this chapter. By taking advantage of the fact that the AI will always approach as if they were coming to attack, even if they can't actually do so, you can lure them into the field and beat the hell out of them without fear.

Your Luna's not so powerful now, is it buddy?

This will lure the last sage in and we'll be done with all the magic users at least.

Rath finally kills off that sniper, but doesn't have a whole lot to show for it. Next up I send him around to take out the other sniper.

Eliwood gets the sage, and quite a nice level with it.

Another one for the stack in the second chest. While Rath deals with the sniper on the other side, Florina and Heath practice throwing javelins at the swordmaster. Unfortunately, he's a cheating bastard and can still use the ranged light magic part of the sword in the anti-magic field, and because of that we lose the weapon triangle bonus on top of still getting hit.

Last chest. The Silver Blade is the strongest non-legendary/magic/*insert bullshit reason* sword in the game. It's heavy as shit, still fairly inaccurate, but it'll fuck your day up when it does hit.

Not quite a kill yet, but I'll take this.

Keeping my flyers who can't hit shit alive leads Serra to another very nice level.

Heath, of course, busts out a critical immediately after that. While this isn't a great level, he does pick up speed which he was falling a little behind in. Rath also pulls out a critical on the sniper, so I figure I might as well deal with the hero too while Serra patches everyone up.

Passable. Barely.

So a few turns later, Rath has finally killed that fucking hero. And he continues to mock me.

Legault pops the door open, and he and his general buddy get the hell out of Dodge. Our mercenary friends here have our new weapons. Heath claims our sword, Eliwood, the axe, and Oswin, the bow.

Oswin does get this as well, but that's not so important.

Oswin has achieved our first S-rank. Like all the other ranks, it does allow us to use new weapons (in this case, one of the legendary endgame weapons), but a unit can only have an S-rank in one weapon type. However, once they S-rank it, they also get the benefit of a 5 hit and crit when using weapons of that type.

Erk cleans up the knight and gets our Silver Lance to end the chapter. He gets a damn good level to finish too.

: The magic seal has fled.

: What in the name of all that is decent is that? It has human form, but it's… It's not human!

: …That was a creature of heresy. Its existence makes a ruin of nature's most basic laws.

: Ninian?

: …Ah, Lord Eliwood. I…

: …In this world, there are many mysterious things that fall beyond our realm of understanding. Come, let us leave this place. A living legend awaits us.

: Ah… Yes!

: …Hm?

: …Be strong…

: …Ah…

And that ends our little diversion into the sand cave. Back to Athos's place for real this time.

: Welcome, children of Roland.

: We've come from Lycia, old man. Do you understand?

: What do you mean?

: I think I know. Thousands of years ago, man and dragon fought on this continent.

: Yes, mankind won, and the dragons fled this world.

: That's correct. Man against dragon… The war that we know as the Scouring. And you know of the Eight Legends, the heroes who led men to victory?

: Yes, we've all heard the stories of the Eight Legends. I was raised in Sacae, so I know of Hanon, the horseman.

: Sacae is where Hanon was born. Our country, Lycia, was founded by the hero Roland.

: That's why you called us "children of Roland," right?

: That is correct, daughter of Hanon and Roland.

: Who are you?

: Many choose to simply call me Archsage.

: Athos?! It can't be…

: Huh? What?!

: Archsage Athos was one of the Eight Legends. If you really were him, old man… you'd have to be over a thousand years old.

: The world is full of mysteries. Solve one, and along comes another… Before I knew it, I'd grown distant from my fellow man. Hunger… It knows no bounds.

: A thousand years… That's a long time.

: Yet thanks to such longevity, we're meeting here today.

: "Living legend"… Now I see it.

: Yes. Did you receive word from Marquess Ostia?

: No… I am aware of most things that occur on the continent. However, knowledge is not enough for me to prevent disaster.

: Nils said something similar to that before. "With my special power, I can sense danger coming, but I can't do anything to stop it."

: Nils… One of the children of destiny.

: He's here with us, but something outside caught his attention.

: …I'm sure something stopped him…

: Hm?

: Yes, what can you tell us? What wisdom can you share?

: Mm. Your foe is, like me, no longer …altogether human. It will be difficult to slay him through traditional means. He wields a terrible power. His endless strength stems from an ancient, forbidden magic… To defeat him, you will need a suitable response.

: Response?

: …While he is resting, you must find the power to oppose him.

: Tell us what it is! We'll do anything!

: It will be harder than you can imagine. Great trials await you. …As does great despair. You may regret your decision. Will you stay the course, children?

: …Our will remains fixed.

: This is a road from which you cannot turn back.

: We've known that all along!

: We can overcome anything. You'll see. Together, we are strong.

: …Very well. Let me tell you what you must do. *fade to black*

: Yes. We are to seek out the Shrine of Seals in Bern, right?

: Take Hawkeye with you. Add his skills to your own.

: Thank you.

: …And you? What will you do, Pent and Louise?

: Nergal, a magic user who rivals you, Lord Athos… And the return of the dragons. An intriguing story... Forgive the late introductions. I am Pent, Count Reglay of Etruria. This is Louise, my wife.

: It's nice to meet you.

: Who? Is he someone special?

: Yes. He hails from the most prominent noble house in Etruria. He's known as the Magic General. What has brought you to this place?

: Bern's successor will soon have his coming-of-age ceremony. Pent and Louise are to attend as representatives of Etruria. Pent claimed there was time to search the desert for a magic artifact said to have been lost in the sands here long ago. You arrived shortly after we did. Perhaps something was guiding you.

: Bowing to the dictates of fate, my wife and I would like to join you if we may.

: Well, of course. That's fine, right, Eliwood? Will you send word of your mission to your countrymen?

: There's no reason to, and if we did, who would believe us? Besides, it's not unusual for us to remain absent for long periods. I doubt anyone will be surprised by our absence. Right, my dear?

: Tee hee. You're right, my love.

: Not unlike a certain young noble we've heard of…

: That's great! Thanks a lot!

: In any event, we welcome you both with all our hearts.

: Thank you.

: …There's not much time. I'll send you to Lycia. Hawkeye! Gather everyone here in the plaza.

: Fate blows a strange wind in your direction. Much rides on your shoulders and in your abilities. I want you to take this. It enhances natural abilities, skills with which one was born. Give this to whomever you feel will benefit the most. Do not waste its powers holding on to it. Use it.

This conversation is obviously not possible if you're not using a tactician (an option, if you start directly from Eliwood's story), which is a shame because the Afa's Drops, at least in theory, are absurdly useful. It boosts a unit's growth rates by 5% each. That doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it effectively guarantees at least one extra point in every single stat on average, possibly more if you use it on an unpromoted unit. I usually give it to Rath or Heath, depending on which of them I need more for the team, but that's something we'll decide later.

: Thank you. Eliwood, your territory is the closest to Bern, is it not?

: Yes. The border lies in the mountains.

: Very good. Now please envision a nice, wide place in Pherae… Next, think of the name of a person you might meet there.

: As you say.

: Now, children of Roland, it is time to say farewell. You must reach the Shrine of Seals. There, your destinies' doors will open wide before you.

: I cannot believe you are gone. Every time I close my eyes, I see you at my side. Your memory haunts me, and I am filled with sorrow. …Elbert… If by some chance you can hear my prayer… Please look after our son.

???: Mother…

: What!? Eliwood? Where-- Where are you?

: Mother! I'm home! I've returned!

: Ah! Eliwood! Is it really you? Oh, how did you… You startled me so!

: Forgive me, Mother. The Archsage sent us.

: You look so tired. …Have you lost weight? Oh, come closer and let me see your face.

: …Mother, about Father…

: I heard his last moments were glorious. Though he's gone, he will ever be my life's joy.

: I know.

: You all look in need of a rest.

: I'm sorry, Mother. We must hurry onward…

: I know that! But for one night… here in the castle… Eliwood… just for tonight.

: Mother…

: One night's not going to hurt us. Who knows when we'll be back this way?

: Yes, let's do it. I am so exhausted.

: Hector, Lyn… Thank you.