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Part 44: Bonus Update: Postgame stuff

Okay, so enough with that whole plot nonsense. After beating the game, we've unlocked a few extra things on the main menu to check out.

First up, Battle History.

Here, you can see how well you actually played the game. You're rated from 1-5 each of the five categories, and the average of those rankings is used to determine your total. All fives is an S, and then it goes down from there.

Tactics is how many turns it took you to clear chapters. The less turns you took, the higher your rating. Our Eliwood rating is in the shitter because of arena/support grinding, but for Lyn's story we actually did pretty well.

Survival is how many characters survived to the end. No one dying will net you five stars, which we've handily done.

Funds is a ranking of how rich you were at the end of things. All of your gold is added to the worth of all of your items, and that number is used to determine your rating. For Eliwood Normal, five stars is about 922,000 gold. In order to get numbers like that, it generally means "Don't sell anything unless you absolutely have to, don't use the legendary/S-rank weapons at all so you don't lower their worth, etc." which is really just a pain in the ass, and would have made for a boring finale, in my opinion.

Experience is how much experience you gained over the course of the playthrough. Maximizing this will mean attacking and getting kills with your weaker units to squeeze all the exp out of an enemy you can.

Combat is the ratio of battles you entered to units you killed. The more of your battles resulting in a dead enemy, the higher this will go. This can be at odds with the experience ranking, because for that you want your weaker units attacking, not the stronger ones capable of getting the kills.

Next up is the Support Conversation viewer. This lets you go back and see any unit's supports whenever you'd like.

Selecting a unit will bring up a full list of who they can support, and which ones you've already done.

Select a support you've already done, and you can see it again. Mostly useful for being able to see who can support with whom.

Next, the sound room. After hearing a song in the game itself, it's unlocked here, where you can listen to them freely.

If you hit R, it also lets you see all the prerendered scenes while a song plays.

Finally, the Link Arena. This is the multiplayer area, and it's interesting, though a little lacking.

To use it, you first have to go and set up a team. Pick a save file, and it'll let you select units from it, exactly as they are in that save. You can also swap weapons around and access Merlinus's stuff to get your units ready for combat.

Once you select a team to use, you can head to the arena for some head-to-head combat.

Pick a unit, pick one of theirs, and how you want to attack, and the game does the rest. This goes back and forth until one team has been completely eliminated. This is also a perfect demonstration of why enemy units are all trash that can't hit shit or do any damage.

If they were competent, like your own units, you'd be utterly fucked. The AI is ruthless, and should never be underestimated. Rebecca here just doubled Eliwood with Rienfleche and knocked him out in a single attack.

After each round of combat, you get points based on what you accomplished (ie, did you kill your target), and how far above or below you were in level. Victory can be set to whoever has more points, or whoever is the last team standing.

Things aren't looking too good for me right now. I've already lost Rath and Eliwood.

But I will have my revenge!

Did I mention that Hector turned out really awesome on this run? Because units always attack in a way that allows the opponent to respond (unless it's something like a bow to a sword user), Lucius traded his life for 19 damage against Hector. While using Aureola.

Why yes, Hector is the only reason I'm not failing miserably here, why do you ask?

Luck is on my side, for once.

Now Rebecca's in trouble, because the support system is still totally in effect. With Dart gone, she's much more managable.

Not before she kills Hector, though.

After she trades blows with Athos, the game is essentially mine.

The surviving team is granted an extra 30 points for each units that lives to the end.

Final score. I am victorious.

So that was a whole bunch of words about a minigame that no one is ever really going to play. Next time, we'll be jumping into Hector's story, or more accurately, revisiting Lyn's story.