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Part 45: Lyn's magical journey through Non-Scriptia (Lyn Hard Mode)

It's time to begin Hector's story. But to do that, first we need to take a step back and head to Lyn's story once more. So this update is basically going to be "Lyn's Story: Hard Mode in single update." Since absolutely nothing has changed story-wise, we're going to be skipping over it entirely.

And also doing a co-commentary gimmick, apparently. Hey, I'm fine with this!

This isn't the level we're supposed to get against Batta! This is the only real change that Lyn Hard makes. All the little stuff that was scripted, like Lyn's critical against Batta, her HP, Str, Skl, Spd level, all of that is gone. Essentially, you're playing Lyn's story like it was in the actual game, rather than the tutorial. Which, in my opinion, actually makes it tolerable.

The first time I played this game, I had no idea that miss/crit was scripted (I was young and foolish then). Of course, it's nice for drama and all that, but looking back, from a strategic standpoint, the scripted moves were really stupid. What the hell, game? Even with the Weapon Triangle, those odds are not good, and two hits from Batta means one dead Lyn. If it were me, I'd move Lyn next to him and do nothing, damaging with counters and healing when necessary. That said, having to do this fight "properly" makes a nice introduction to hard mode. If nothing else, it sends the message that the gloves are off.

Of course, there are problems with this. We're no longer required to make Sain run headfirst into a bandit with his lance, but we also don't get a free sword that Kent pulls out of his ass for him either.

Ahaha...Oh god, we're not doing this again, are we Kent? Please say we're not. At least it was speed, which will let Kent double the brigands for a few chapters.

I always say there's no such thing as a bad level that contains speed. Each point is 2 extra avoid and more potential for doubling damage.

A defensive Lyn? Or a resistant one, at least. This is going to be interesting.

Definitely not bad. She's average or slightly ahead in everything. Early days, of course...

We are going there, aren't we? Well, Chapter 2 down, Mani Katti get, etc, etc.

I'm going to regret saying this, but... it's just one level, and it's not that bad...

Ah, Florina. Provided everything turns out, she will be instrumental later on in Hector's story. Our pegs are going to get much more screentime than in Eliwood's story. For now, it's babying and hoping the RNG smiles upon her this time.

Frankly, Florina got screwed last time round. Her growths are spectacular in everything save defense and resistance. Con is a bit of a problem... but with her speed, she can just eat the penalty. Ah well. We are all at the mercy of the RNG.

Oh god, it's going to be Guy on a horse.

You know, I have a good feeling about Kent this time

So...uh...guys, anyone going to attack? No one? I mean, the archer cleared out a spot for you, and Sain's sitting right there with a lance, and you'll have a forest tile with an axe...

Huh. Normally the AI will always attack if possible... but we all know that Fire Emblem AI is designed to inconvenience the player as a top priority, above and beyond actually winning the battle.

No, seriously. Guy on a fucking horse. Although, I'm sure as hell not going to complain about Kent actually getting some speed, because he can coast on that for most of Lyn's story.

10 Spd = Average for Lv 9-10 Kent. Just throwin' that out there.

2000 gold doesn't go far when you need a couple lances and swords.

Times like this are when magical disappear-on-death enemy weapons are the most frustratingly stupid thing.

No seriously, what the hell is going on here?

What is this, the one-track mind crew? This is the third level in a row Sain has essentially gotten nothing but strength.

So much for being the Green Cavalier™.

I give up. I don't know, I don't care. This is a thing that's happening and I'm just rolling with it.

These are the best worst levels ever.

What the fuck? What the fuck?

Best. Worst. Levels. Ever.

Nils here is the main reason we need to go through Lyn's story again before Hector's. To reach a certain sidequest later, one of the requirements is that Nils was raised to level 7 in Lyn's story. If you want to have any hope of doing this, you pretty much need to have him playing his song every turn, regardless of if anyone actually needs it.

[insert comment complaining about arbitrary requirements]

Fuck yeah for forests giving defense. Totally knew she was going to survive.

The other big plus of Lyn Hard is the ability to take Wallace's Knight Crest. It can be much more useful to promote Kent or Sain, especially if you're going into Eliwood/Hector Hard. Regardless, Wallace is definitely not getting his Knight Crest, since he's not even going to be showing up in Hector's Story.

Of course, this means you're probably going to be losing out on some levels for Kent/Sain if you promote them without boss-abuse... but since you lose the Knight's Crest if you don't, and the boost is so helpful... well, it's an Actual Decision™.

Not promoting Wallace does come with its problems though. Eagler becomes noticably harder when you don't have a general who can't even be hurt by him.

It's not helped when he switches to his hand axe. Dorcas loses his hit bonus, and Wallace and Kent both end up on the wrong end of the weapon triangle, so no one is really accurate. Fortunately, that just leaves the door wide open for Lyn to slaughter him.

Effective damage is the most wonderful thing.

You know, I have to hand it to Sain. He's set out to max his strength, and by god he's going to fucking max his strength. A shame about everything else.

Funfact: he's ahead or average in everything except skill. But, damn, that strength.

That's true, but it's really that he's in competition with Kent, and Kent is a lot faster and more accurate. Sain does hit like a truck for this part though.

I may have engaged in a little staff-abuse grinding with Serra. Got her to level 4 at least, even if her levels were pretty bad.

Lyn grabs the Energy Ring since she's been kind of strength-screwed.

What, not Guy-On-A-Horse?

By "kind of" I mean "She's gotten a single point of strength in 6 levels after that first one." I believe at this point Kent was up to 8 or 9 strength.

Finally done with this shit. Ladies and gentlemen: Lyn's crew for Hector Hard Mode.

Oh. Yeah, that's not the best Lyn. She's behind in speed and skill, and she should've got defense by now, but... well the Energy Ring will be nice.

But she's got resistance! That's more important than those silly offensive stats, right?

Tempted to promote Kent, but we'll let him go for now. The Knight's Crest will bolster our Funds rating instead.

The numbers say... this is a pretty good Kent. Average or ahead in everything save HP, and that speed/defense is pretty great.

Oh yeah, Florina got the Angelic Robe. Was tempted to give her the Ring and the Robe to Serra or something, but Lyn really needed the ring.

I don't think I've ever not given at least the robe to Florina. It's a pretty big boost to her general survivability. Oddly, this Florina is actually behind in speed, but being her highest growth (save HP), I don't think that's gonna hold her back.

It's hard to come up with just one stat Serra got screwed in here. She got her luck, and little resistance, and that was it.

Really would have liked for Erk to have turned out better. I think he got a single point of magic in all his levels, and he got at least two levels that were nothing but HP or HP and a single stat.

Another one I'm kind of disappointed in. I mean, it would be hard to top my Matthew from last time who got nothing but strength and defense, but this is just kind of pitiful.

I dunno. He's about average in everything save HP and Strength, and ahead in skill and luck. And early days and all that.

Just seems worse in comparison to the old one, I guess.

So yeah, Lyn, Kent, Florina, and arguably Sain are the only ones who really turned out. This is going to be fun.

I told you I had a good feeling about Kent.

Anyone else you've got a good feeling about? It'd be nice to know who to use in advance.

Next time:

It begins.