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Part 72: Lloyd and Linus conversations

Bonus Update: The many of Lloyd and Linus

Before jumping into all the shit that they spout off in Cog of Destiny, I want to jump back to Four-Fanged Offense for a second. If you'll recall, Lloyd attacks the group under the implications of "watching us" while Linus gets permission from Brendan to finish the job, and in Linus's version, he's just a shithead who refuses to listen to Lloyd and wait for reinforcements. In both chapters, the only conversation they have is with Hector and Eliwood, and if you have any sense in you, you won't have either lord anywhere near him, so you'll probably never see these conversations.

Linus - Four-Fanged Offense

: Hey! You're Eliwood, right?
: ...Are you the leader of this group?
: I am.
: I've a question for you... I heard that the Black Fang possessed strong convictions. If so, then why do you follow a man like Nergal?
: ...Nergal? Oh, that eerie man Sonia introduced my father to. This has nothing to do with him. I merely complete the missions given me!
: And you never question the justness of your missions?
: Question? What's to question? Neither my father nor my brother makes mistakes!
: Yet, the...
: Will you stop yammering! I don't need my brother to finish you off. I will crush you myself, in the name of the Fang!
: Ah!

: Hey! You the leader of this pack of curs?
: I am Linus Reed! Son of Brendan Reed, head of the Black Fang! Evildoers! Prepare to receive the Fang's justice!
: Evildoers? You've no room to speak! You're a bunch of murderers serving Nergal's every whim!
: Are you so base that you bandy insults with your foe? Or are you frightened, knowing you face your doom? We are the Black Fang! You do not insult my family so!

Lloyd - Four-Fanged Offense

: ...Are you the leader of this group?
: Yes.
: I heard that the Black Fang possessed strong convictions. If so, then why do you follow a man like Nergal?
: This has nothing to do with Nergal or Sonia. We simply complete the missions given us.
: And you never question the justness of your missions?
: Who are we to pass judgment on the commands given us? We are the jaw that bites. We act without question.
: But...
: Granted, you don't seem like a bad sort. However, the Fang's judgment cannot be undone. It is time for you to die.
: Ah!

: ...And you would be the leader of this pack of curs?
: Aye. That I am.
: I've no mercy for Nergal's hounds of the hunt! Stand and prepare to be beaten.
: You... You wish to challenge me with that axe of yours? ...You're amusing, I'll grant you that. I'm sure you'd have Linus laughing if he were here. Be warned, you would do well not to take me lightly.

Then, of course, the brother in question dies by Limstella's hand, and we end up with a very angry Reed in Cog of Destiny. This time around, he'll talk to not only Eliwood and Hector, but basically anyone from the Black Fang, so Legault, Nino, and Jaffar can all have a chat with him. As I mentioned in the update, if Nino does talk to him, then he'll get off the throne and start actively attacking units, though he won't attack Nino that way. Regardless of whether they talk, he will still trade blows with her, so don't think you can cheese it that way.

Lloyd - Cog of Destiny

: Lloyd!
: Nino...
: Listen to me, please. This is all a mistake...
: Do not speak. We are enemies now... I can show you no mercy.
: Lord Eliwood is not a bad man! You'll fight knowing that?
: They were Linus's enemies... That is why I fight.
: Lloyd, please...
: Don't cry, Nino. You must live for the future. I am bound to this course. Kill me, and don't look back.
: No! I don't want to! Lloyd!

: The "Angel of Death." Since the day I met you, I've always wondered... If we met in straight combat, who of us would win?
: ...
: I think it's time that question was answered.

: Hey... Long time, no see.
: The Hurricane... I heard you'd quit the Fang, but... Seeing you with them is...
: Unexpected? Shouldn't be. As soon as that skulking shadow Nergal showed up, I knew the Fang was as good as finished.
: ...
: You know... You're the one thing I can't figure out. Lloyd, what are you doing here? Why this?
: Who knows... But my brother's dead. And at the hands of your newfound friends...
: We're not responsible for Linus's death.
: It does not matter. I believe you are, and that is enough.
: ...All right. I see. Nothing's going to change. I knew that, and yet... I had to try. It's a bad habit of mine.
: Farewell, Legault. My old friend.
: I'll see you again, Lloyd. With Linus...and Uhai... Even if it won't be in this world.

: We meet at last, Eliwood.
: Ah! Hold on! Let's talk! We...
: I'm Lloyd Reed, son of Brendan Reed. My brother, Linus, whom you killed, longs for you to join him....Prepare to die.
: Wait!

: You there, who are you?
: Marquess Ostia's brother, Hector! And you, lout?
: The Black Fang commander's son, Lloyd Reed... You remind me of my brother. Something about you...
: Huh? What are you talking about?
: My brother, whom you killed. My brother, Linus....It's none of your business...
: I have a brother, too. If someone killed him, I would make sure his killer paid dearly and suffered long...
: ...Well spoken. If you don't want to give your brother cause to mourn, you'd best fight well....Prepare yourself.
: Ah!

Linus - Cog of Destiny

: Linus! Stop! Please listen to me!
: I will kill anyone who aids my brother's killers! Nino, that includes you!
: No!

: Jaffar! You traitorous scum!
: ...
: Repent your sins, Jaffar! I bring you the Fang's justice!

: Hello... Linus.
: Legault!? You... You disloyal filth! You of all people...siding with them!?
: Calm down. Your brother's murder... It wasn't by our hands... Hey!
: Draw your sword. I won't miss again.
: Remember how good the old days were? Your father, old Jan, Uhai, you, and me and your brother. When did the Black Fang lose its honor?
: Be quiet! Stop your pathetic whimpering and fight!
: I knew this would happen. Nothing's going to change. I knew it, and yet here I am. I couldn't leave well enough alone... I'm a fool.

: You're Eliwood, right?! I've been looking for you!
: Hey! Hold on! We need to talk about things...
: I am Linus Reed, son of Brendan Reed. I am the vengeance of Lloyd, whose life you stole! Prepare yourself! I'm coming for you!
: Wait!

: Hey, you! You think you're tough, don't you?
: Tough enough to cleave you in two.
: I am Linus Reed, son of Brendan Reed. You killed my brother, Lloyd! Take this! Rrraahh!
: I am Marquess Ostia's brother, Hector! And I don't know about Lloyd, but I'll sure kill you!