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Part 74: Sands of Time

The following is a list of things that have changed, or are otherwise interesting about the opening of Sands of Time:

HHM lowers our unit count from the completely ludicrous and unnecessary 18 units to the completely ludicrous and unnecessary 15. We can bring the entire team (including Lyn and Eliwood as well), plus Florina, Legault, and Karel, and it should not surprise you in the least to learn that this is beyond overkill. Enemies of note include the druids (Silence, Berserk, droppable Restore, and Sleep in descending order), a swordmaster with a Killing Edge tucked away in the corner where no one will ever fight him unless it's on their terms anyway, and a whole fucking bunch of generals. The top guys are going to slaughter most of the east side before coming south, Raven and Bartre are going to have a field day in the center of the map, and Farina and Canas will be holding down the southeast corner.

This map in particular just keeps reminding me of how weird it is to have a army with so many “generals”. Not that I can think of a better name for the class offhand, but still.

Anyway, I find this map makes a nice little breather after the bullshit up to this point. Also, note the Ostia generics. “We’re helping!”

Much like his chapter, Denning is still a laughably impotent boss who gets slaughtered by anyone capable of using a weapon at melee range. For the two people who still care: 3 HP, 2 Str, 1 Skl, 1 Spd, 1 Def, 1 Res.

And a quip from Farina to get us started.

: Oh well... As long as I've been paid, I can't complain. This is my chance to show you what Farina of the Great Wing can do! But listen, Art... This goes beyond hazard pay!

This first position is in range of a javelin knight and Killer Axe general. Despite maxing damn near every offensive stat, Raven's defense is still pretty shitty and these knights hit obnoxiously hard, so I'm treading carefully until I can knock out a few guys.

I also finish Guy's supports by bringing him up to a B with Karel. Look at that Crit rate, and then add 30 for any combat I'm going to seriously care about (or 35, for the Wo Dao).

Let me spell this out, because . Guy’s supports are good for Atk +5, Def +1, Hit +25, Avo +12, Crit +25, Crit Evade +7. Even if he wasn’t a Certified God Unit™ he’d be unstoppable. Hell, last playthrough’s Guy would’ve been at least usable with these boosts. And that’s saying something.

Also, now that I’m looking at it, even without Karel nearby, he’s right at the Fire Dragon’s defense with a Silver Sword. I have a swordmaster that can hurt the Fire Dragon, let alone once I give him the Regal Blade.

In an exciting first turn, Canas fails to be silenced, Farina dodges a Berserk, and a neutral knight is put to sleep. 0 for 3 today, boys.

One thief per turn with a couple generals/snipers, and the druid and the sniper on the columns will be a very familiar sight by the time this chapter is up.

Again, note the knights “helping”.

More like “dying horribly” at best, “stealing my kills” at worst.

Why, what do we have here?

This is something he can at least claim over Guy, since we're not likely to see Guy cap skill unless he gets pushed to at least L16 or 17, which is unlikely, to say the least.

More importantly, not one turn after talking about caution and all that shit, we're going all in on these idiots. The southern ones will be mostly distracted by Bartre, but Raven will still be getting plenty of attention.

That's silence and berserk out of our hair.

Denning is quick to attack, but he literally doesn't hit a single thing by the time I kill him on turn 7. And he's attacking twice per turn against Bartre, usually with his Silver Bow rather than the fairly inaccurate Longbow.

Disappointing, considering the Afa's drops and all, but it's really all she needs.

Similarly for Bartre, but god knows he could use all the speed he can get.

Gotta admit, I keep being skeptical of Bartre remaining useful, and he keeps on being useful regardless.

Not gonna lie, I was really worried we were going to be dragging dead weight to next chapter, but he turned things around pretty damn well.

Some other guys attack Bartre, too. It doesn't go so well for them when Bartre is capable of doubling pretty much anything that's not a sniper or thief.

He makes an inspiring example for certain other axe users to take note of of Fire Emblem’s tendency to overturn the things that “the averages” tell you about the general viability of units.

She loots the sniper's longbow while she's at it, but that's not much consolation when I can just as easily buy one next chapter.

Just keep spinning, baby.

Guy is so confused now that he's capped Str.

It’s funny because he has nearly as much Defence as Raven... although that’s probably down more to Raven getting screwed than Guy being blessed. (Guy is +1.5 on Defence)

Not even, actually. Raven is dead on his average for defense right now.

A decidedly defensive level out of Priscilla.

Even Eliwood and Lyn are finding ways to make themselves useful this chapter. They each take a myrmidon to kill.

The main reason Legault came is that we finally have thieves willing to restock our Lockpick supply. He starts working his way south since most of the enemies in the center are preoccupied with Raven/Bartre or dead.

Aside from the reinforcements that come from the stairs, the east side is completely mopped up. Karel takes the sniper stairs, and Fiora/Kent deal with the druids.

Starting on turn 5, we get a pair of generals in the corner, so Farina and Canas get to work here.

It turns out I lied about this as well. Even on 14 AS, Bartre is doubling the snipers too.

Silver Bows aren’t even that heavy . Those must be some slow-ass Snipers. Or possibly just very frail.

The enemy thieves have done their duty in going to steal the Body Ring for me. Also, it turns out giving both Raven and Bartre a hand axe is a pretty good way to clean up fucking everything.

Reminder, he could only have gotten HP, Luck, Def, and/or Res in the first place. Definitely not going to complain about more defense.

Oh no, he can't even leave the room! What will we do?

Turn 7, let's start cleaning this up. Denning's 23 Res makes it a bit of a pain to go after him with magic, but she crits on the second hit.

Raven finishes the job.

You know, I'm okay with this turn of events.

Under the circumstances, this is pretty much a perfect level.

A pleasure doing business with you, sir. It's important that everything went down the way it did, because this gives Legault just enough turns to make it over to the other chests and get everything before the chapter ends.

And to keep him from being skewered by a general, we block him in with competent units (well, mostly competent units, anyway. Eliwood has his rapier equipped, so he'll survive).

Guy comes over to bait the swordmaster. Spoiler: My swordmaster wins.

A pair of druids are left in the east side, which are deftly handled by Kent and Fiora.

The body ring is recovered from our thieving friend.

We raid the last of the treasures, thanks to Legault's new lockpicks.

Kent and Fiora get underwhelming levels from the druids, and we are done.

But first, more Hector and Oswin.

: I'm here, Lord Hector. We won't be able to contact Fargus about traveling to Valor 'til the day after tomorrow. The guards are rotating watches to protect the castle. Lord Hector. For this one night, please get some rest.

: Who needs rest!? Do not talk to me of rest when Ostia needs me! There is...something that you need to tell me, isn't there?

: I can think of nothing, my lord.

: Stop this foolishness! It's plain that everyone is avoiding me! What you're all hiding... I know what it is!

: Lord Hector, you must calm yourself.

: Say it! I command you! Tell me what has happened!

: ...

: ...If you don't answer right here, right now, I will cut you down, knave!

: ...Do as you must.

: ...!

: ...

: ...I...see.

: Lord Hector!

: I was sure... He was recuperating... That he'd gone somewhere to recover his strength. I thought that was what you were hiding... won't confess even now. That means...

: Lord Hector! Wait! Please...


Resets this chapter: 0

Total resets: 38