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Part 82: ~Fin~

: Hector! Long time, no see!

: First time since my brother's funeral--fifteen years now. And look at us. We've both grown older, haven't we?

: Uh-huh. Time certainly does speed right by. My father's disappearance... his death...the fight with Nergal... those fire dragons... The memories are so vivid, it might have happened yesterday.

: Nergal... What a blackheart he was. I've had enough of battles like that. Hm? Is that your son over there?

: I've been wanting to introduce you, but there's been no chance. Roy! Come here!

: Say hello to Marquess Ostia!

: Ye-Yes, sir! A pleasure to meet you, Lord Hector. My name is Roy.

: Roy, is it? Nice to meet you, lad. Well, I guess that means I should introduce my daughter then! Lilina!

: What? Are you being shy? You don't have to be nervous. This is your father's old friend and his son.

: ...

: Hello, Lilina. This is Roy. He's the same age as you.

: Nice to meet you.

: Lilina? Let's be friends. We can play over there.

: ...

: It's OK. Go on.

: Ah!

: Good thing she took after her mother.

: What? She looks just like me, doesn't she?

: You're a sarcastic one, Marquess Ostia!

: Come on, now you're the one putting on airs, Marquess Pherae!

: Ha ha ha ha! The only thing older about you is your appearance. Don't tell me you still behave like that even now that you're the marquess!

: I'm always on top of my duties as marquess. But when I'm around you, I want to relax, so, please...

: Hector...

: ...died. It was fairly sudden, too.

: I can't be certain, but according to one of our spies, he was killed in an assassination attempt on Prince Zephiel.

: The prince? I trust he was unharmed.

: It's a strange tale... At first, I'd heard that the prince was killed. Then new information came three days later saying that it was the king who had died.

: Do you remember Archsage Athos's prediction? Is something happening in Bern?

: I don't know.

: Can I show Roy my pony?

: OK!

: For the sake of our children's futures, I'll stop anything that may happen. I'll sacrifice my life to make it so.

: "Once again, Lycia brings hope." ...If that turns out to be wrong? No. It must happen...

???: For what reason have you awakened a demon dragon?

???: ...Dragon.

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