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Part 93: Priscilla

Support Conversations: Priscilla



C - Attack + 1, Accuracy + 5, Avoid + 2.5, Critical + 5, Critical Evade + 2.5
B - Attack + 2, Accuracy + 10, Avoid + 5, Critical + 10, Critical Evade + 5
A - Attack + 3, Accuracy + 15, Avoid + 7.5, Critical + 15, Critical Evade + 7.5

C Support

: ...Umm.
: Gah!
: Oh, wait!
: Hm!?
: Your right cheek is cut. There, that should do it.
: ...
: Please don’t be afraid to tell me when you are hurt. Farewell.
: ...But it was barely a scratch. ...Strange girl.

B Support

: Whoa! Watch out!
: Huh? Eeeek!
: What!?
: Ahh...
: Are you OK?
: Y-Yes. I’m fine. My concentration broke, and I lost my balance.
: Come on, stand up now. If I hadn’t been there, you might have been hurt.
: Yes. ...I must thank you, Guy.
: Huh!? H-How do you know my name?
: Well, I saw you around, so I asked Merlinus.
: You saw me...around. So you know... ...Waaauughhh!
: Wait! Don’t go!

A Support

: ...Hahh. I can’t believe it... I’m so pitiful.

???: Why do you say that?

: Well, it’s just that when I found out you’d noticed me all this time... ...I’m so pitiful.

???: ...All this time?

: Well, from the moment I first saw her, I kept asking myself, what’s a girl like that doing on a battlefield? I thought about her all the time...
: “Her?"
: What!? Eeep!
: Oh, excuse me. I didn’t mean to disturb you.
: heart...
: So what about...a girl like me?
: Err... I, uhhh...
: You, uhhh...what?
: know... I think that you’re, umm, cu--
: Yes?
: Um, I mean that you’re uhh...curious!
: ...
: Yeah, well, you looked like you needed a pal, so I showed up, just like that!
: ...
: Don’t look so distressed. I won’t pry into your personal affairs.
: ...Really?
: When I see a woman in need, I just want to help. That’s the way we are, back in Sacae!
: ...Thank you, Guy.
: Oh, yeah... ...Uhh. Leave it to me!



C - Attack + 1, Defense + .5, Accuracy + 2.5, Avoid + 2.5, Critical + 2.5, Critical Evade + 5
B - Attack + 2, Defense + 1, Accuracy + 5, Avoid + 5, Critical + 5, Critical Evade + 10
A - Attack + 3, Defense + 1.5, Accuracy + 7.5, Avoid + 7.5, Critical + 7.5, Critical Evade + 15

C Support

: Lady Priscilla? Pardon my manner, but are you Lady Priscilla of House Cornwell?
: And who might you be?
: Forgive me, milady. I am Oswin, of the Ostian Knights. I fight in this army at the side of Lord Hector.
: Pray, how do you know of me?
: Yes, well... For a time, I was posted with the knights at Cornwell. I saw you many times during my stay. This was some time ago, however.
: Is that so? Then you must forgive me.
: No, m’lady. You were too young to remember... You stood at the marquess’s side, always holding your brother’s sleeve. ...You were the closest of siblings...
: Is that so? Yes, I suppose there must have been a time when it was so...

B Support

: Have you heard... about House Cornwell?
: Yes. It was accused of stealing funds from the alliance and censured by the council of lords, stripped of its peerage.
: ...Yes. It is true.
: My real family gave me up, and now they have given up their castle. No one knows where they are. I probably shouldn’t be asking you this... seem like a proud and fine knight worthy of my trust, so I must ask you...
: I am too proud to lie, m’lady. What would you ask?
: Are the members of House Cornwell truly...thieves? Swear on your honor! Can there be no mistake?!
: ...Lady Priscilla. I wish I could refute it...
: ...I see. ...Then there must be some...proof.
: ...Let me ask another question. Do you know where my father is?
: ...Yes...I do.
: What? Really? Where!?
: ...
: Lord Oswin! Please, I must know!

A Support

: ...Lady Priscilla.
: ...
: ...Forgive me.
: ...Why do you apologize?
: I should never have told you about your parents.
: When they were divested of their peerage, my mother and father... They took their own lives. You only told me what I asked to hear. Lord Oswin, you are not to blame.
: ...
: But...I wanted to ask my father one thing. Why...did he...have to steal?
: My lord, Uther of Ostia, investigated the matter. He...entrusted me with some details. In recent years, the Cornwell fortune had begun to decline. Marquess Cornwell, in acts of kindness, had assumed the debts of many close to him. When he could not pay his own debts, the wolves came out.
: But...if it was a matter of money, why couldn’t they ask my adopted family, the Caerleons?
: The amount they stole was... far greater than they owed. Your parents did not want to involve the daughter they had sent away.
: Father... Mother...
: ...
: ...Lord Oswin... I... I...will be fine... There is no need to stay at my side... away from your charge.
: Lord Hector... gave me leave to come. I must express my regret for what our Ostia has done to House Cornwell. The marquess did commit a grave crime. But the vilest sin was the issue of the order that caused so much grief. If he had stayed alive, perhaps much calamity could have been avoided.
: ...No matter what we say, the dead will not return. But as long as I will live, I will remember that you, that Ostia, were honest and just...