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Fire Emblem: Different Dimensions: Ostian Princess

by Endorph

Part 1: Prologue: Sacaen Mage

Prologue: Sacaen Mage

Okay, with that gag out of the way, let's just clear the air here. This hack is all sorts of hilariously bad. This isn't even a 'interesting ideas, poor execution' way, this hack just has the bare minimum of effort required. And it somehow manages to fuck that up. It's great. You have no idea how happy I am to tell you it lives up to the expectations set by its 'box art.'

Now, for starters! Let's start with Lyn... that is, Lilian's mode. Why? Because it offers a bite-sized way to get across the hack's most grievous errors. Don't worry, though, Hector and Eliwood won't be missing out on the fun.

Problem 1: The hack's replaced the Yes/No prompts with Yep and NO!!. It is exactly as annoying as it sounds, but whatever.

This seems about right.

Oh, hey, Lyn! Ahh, this will probably be mentioned a ton in all these LPs, but apparently these CG images are very hard to edit out of the game's code or some such. I'll forgive the hacker for this one. Unfortunately, I can't really forgive them for the fact that...

All the dialogue is exactly the same. Or near all of it. Like Lyn's story but different my left foot, this is basically just a very bad find/replace job. And how are you of the Lorca? There's like, one member of the Lorca tribe, max, by FE6.

When is this taking place, anyway? If you're Lilina's daughter, this must be after 6, I guess? But then how did Lilina meet Monke? Monke is a throwaway boss who you meet, then kill. He has like five lines of dialogue and two of them are evil laughter. When did he and Lilina tie the knot? What the hell? I'm so confused.

Also you're like ten, kid. Or less. You're Lilina's sprite from the ending of FE7. Not even edited. But yeah, since the dialogue is just a very bad find/replace job, I won't bother transcribing it - you can look up the script of FE7 on Serenes Forest. For the most part I'll just be posting screenshots and pointing out the (many) confusing plot holes the find/replace job creates.

... Oh, hey, I guess we do have Lyn back. You're looking different, Lyn. Well, let's take a look at your stats.

Wait, nevermind, it's Lilian again. And she's clipping through her portrait! Anyway, stats-wise, Lilian kinda of sucks. She doesn't have a whole lot of anything - Lyn was 3 levels below her, and had better stats except for HP, Res, and Luck. Still, she is a magic user, and trust me when I say Mig64 did not bother rebalancing the game to account for your main character hitting Resistance. Also, her HP is pretty titanic for a level 4 mage, which is nice.

The gameplay of the first map proceeds exactly like normal, to the point I won't bother going into detail for this first map - we move Lilian over to the pirate, go a few rounds with him...

And go to deal with Ba... bat... heeey, he's a soldier now.

... A soldier with DASH DASH speed, apparently. What?

That doesn't help at all, game.

An example of Mig64's sterling sprite work. Also, thankfully, his unknowable speed doesn't translate to doubling us, though we can't double him either. Lilian's base CON is one less than the fire tome's weight.

Actually, one thing I wanna point out. Lilian has a personal tome, called Bolt, that has a brave effect. Neat! Unfortunately...

Bolt has 10 uses. Since the brave effect means it always attacks twice, this basically means we can use it about 5 times. Not so neat.

Anyway, we fry Batta. I didn't forget to post a level here, by the way - Lilian starts at level 4, meaning she doesn't get enough EXP from all this to gain a level. Thankfully, this doesn't break the game's scripting, since Lyn has a per-programmed level here.

Well... let's roll, I suppose.

Yeah, I wanna ask Monke what the hell timeline this is.

Uhh, sure? Dammit, I liked Lilina. Well, if I switch the A and N in your name, it'll almost be the exact same thing.

Wait, hold on, no. Monke was not your chief... oh, forget it.

You're ten.

Don't you tell me what to do, tutorial boxes.

And there you have it! The prologue of Ostian Princess Different Dimensions. Or Different Dimensions Ostian Princess. Or just Ostian Princess, like the .zip file calls it.