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Fire Emblem: Different Dimensions: Ostian Princess

by Endorph

Part 10: Prince Zephiel!

Yeah, no kidding. The last time I played this game seems so far away now. Felt like a year, I'm not even kidding.

Your grandpa might not live to see the end of my LP, Lilian.

It's really weird how the dialogue shifts between the semi-formal style it usually is and Mig's nonsense.

For instance...


I'd recommend seeing a proctologist.

Also, seriously, Zephiel? Why? I'm so confused.

Hey, at least we can remember the word 'a.'

For the guys in the audience, "You, you will ride our 2nd Ballista!" is a great pick-up line.

And for the ladies...

Haha! Try the veal, folks, it's great.

Enemok had a second pair of boots. For. Some reason. I know now what must be done.

Get in.

... Oh wait, I know why there's two pairs of boots. There's two Enemoks.

Double Enemok. Sure, why not.

It reminds me of how Super Robot Wars games sometimes give you two or three dudes, all in the exact same grunt mech.

There's at least three things wrong here.

Enemok takes care of the first problem.

While Enemok heads towards the second. Unfortunately, he can't talk to it. Who is this lady, anyway?

Oh. Leila with all her stats capped, 11 levels above the cap. Sure. Makes sense.

Also, remember how last time I complained that there's no challenge whatsoever due to our broken units and the inexplicably-still-level-1 enemies?

That fact hasn't changed. Though Axel can, infact, use Nini's Grace, so there's that.

He gets an okay level out of it.

Meanwhile, Enemok... okay, Enemok A is now Guncannon, and Enemok B, the new Enemok, is now Kapool. Any questions? No? Good.

Guncannon gives this guy an F for Effort.

I'd just like to point out that Guncannon and Kapool have wildly different stats. And Kapool is worse in nearly every meaningful way.

Seriously, it's barely even a contest.

Also, Nat kills a man.

Would that be... The Last Promise?

I'm determined to get Natalie a level just for the sake of it. She's come a long way from causing me a gameover. For one thing, her legs work!

Nah, I usually forget it by lategame. Stats way more than make up for it, nearly always.

Congrats, Natalie! You got a shitty level!

Also, Holy nukes a guy into oblivion.

Seriously though, the actual gameplay's so boring that I'm not even going to bore you with the details. There's not even the slightest possibility of me dying. Why is this?

Because I wasn't kidding about the level 1 enemies thing. I'd have to actively try to do to these chucklefucks.

... What?

Huh, Zephi must have heard me complaining.

Okay, I'll be honest - that Zephiel as recolored Eliwood sprite is okay. Not great, but okay.

... What? Wait, so... but... and... he actually knows FE7 is a prequel? But then - and how do we - and why can Zephiel - and - but the sprites - and - oswin - and... What?

He and Zack have an epic duel.

Then Holy kills him.


Also, what's going on there at the end? Is he spelling out the word?

Also this guy comes along after Zeph and Zack's epic duel, but fortunately Zack has god defense.

You can't tell, but I also learn Zack has lethality. For some reason.

That is an incredibly good question, Lilian. It also, coincidentally, will never be answered satisfactorily.


... Also, at this point I think Mig64 stopped trying. Yes, I know that implies he was trying, but work with me here.

Is he singing the Super Mario Brothers theme?

And did he just say an emoticon?

Woah, Axel, calm down.

Me, when I realized I had tons more of this nonsense to go.

Yeah! He was so enthusiastic, it was like there were two of him!

You just used this 'gag!' Come the hell on, Mig64!

Okay, I don't know if this pun was intentional. I'm pretty sure Mig64 isn't clever enough for that. But I still hate him for it.

Which one?

I like how Mig64 manages to change all the chapters with really cool names. And usually replace them with just a bland description of something in the chapter. Fuck GRIM REUNION, I gotta tell you there's a Druid. and He's in Ostia.

Also? As a side note -

HE MANAGED TO FUCK UP A FIND/REPLACE. (Actually on second look I realized this is 'consistent', but it's still ridiculous for Monke to go from the Djute to the Lorca. People don't just change clans like that.)