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Part 12: Chapter Final: Mighty Uther

Here goes, folks. The end of Lilian's story.

It's worth noting that, for some inexplicable reason, this is the only time in the entire hack this pre-chapter map thing actually shows up. I'm going to assume Mig removed it and move on with my life.

He didn't bother editing the map segment, either. It still says we're in Caelin. Granted, hacking this map thing is really hard, but you've proven you can disable it! Why not just make it disappear again? Unless he somehow accidentally removed it.

Because the pre-chapter narration and the actual pre-battle dialogue are trying to establish different moods, you ninny.

FE7DDOP - Must be Uther's doing!

Friends, huh?

I believe you meant friend. As in, the one. Singular.

Let's rock.

Before you say anything, I just want you to know that the map's still ridiculously easy, just like every other part of this hack, and I had to do this just to make myself think at all.

Though there's still not much thinking involved at all. I'm going to be blunt, this chapter's size and easiness is why the update was delayed for so long. There's no interesting bugs until the very end, either.

Anyway, please put on your favorite final battle music and enjoy this mostly uninterrupted montage of Santangelo killing people.

... Or possibly interrupted, since I forgot to turn on animations. Whoops.

It's raining.

Aaand I forgot to turn the animations on again. Double-whoops.

Theeeere we go. Lilian's sage sprite actually looks pretty nice.

And seriously, this map is pathetically easy. I checked - the enemies here inexplicably have lower stats than the ones in the normal game. Even in Lyn Normal Mode. I have no idea why, especially considering how many massive advantages Mig64 has seen fit to bestow upon us.

Santangelo only has like 8 defense!

Santangelo stabs this guy...

And Lilian helps.

I've always liked the sprite backgrounds in the GBA games, should you choose to turn them on. I've also always liked fighting game backgrounds.

Okay, we both know all this is just build-up for an explanation of what the fuck is up with that preview image, but I had to sit through this. You have to sit through this too.

It occurs to me that this probably would have gone faster if I used someone besides Santangelo - maybe Diego, just for 1-2 range - but I'm committed to this.

Besides, he's in the thread title. I have to honor him somehow.

I think, over these screenshots, we're going to see every single frame of the Lord (Eliwood) attack animation.

Update: He only had 7 defense until now. I could go back and edit that comment, but I won't.

Lilian helps by making popcorn.

Is it just me, or does Santangelo look really annoyed in this screenshot?

Not so much in this one. The archer does, though, with his hands on his hips. "Ugh, I can't believe you just stabbed me. Jerk."

More healing. The colors on Lilian's staff look a little fucked, but compared to Zack she's a masterpiece of color theory.

Oh no, what will I do without the Energy Ring.

Actually, maybe Lilian could have used it, but whatever.

Men in skirts, a movement for making skirts acceptable for everyday wear by men in Western countries

I've never noticed how much detail is in the little tiles the units are on, either. That ruined town tile is amazing.

At that angle, it actually looks like the spell's going to hit the ground. Careful not to set the plains on fire, Lil.

Sammi Cheng, the nickname for Hong Kong Queen of Pop

The top part of Santangelo's head flew off.

This guy helpfully stabs it back into place.

These guys are all level 1 or 2, so even though Santangelo's killing all of them, he's still gaining levels painfully slowly.

Woah! Santangelo took damage!

Weapon Triangle advantage and the one shaman. This is what it takes for the enemies to put him in any sort of danger.

Crisis averted.

No, seriously, once this bit is over, we're completely safe for the rest of the map. There's no real strategy here, either, it's just me hoping for some misses.

Very funny, game.

Okay, nevermind, you can be as snide as you want.

Fatality. Santangelo, wins.

Lilian helps.

She helps a lot.

This guy couldn't even muster up 9 attack? Really?

One last enemy before Uther...

Good night, sweet prince. Now let's take a look at Uther's stats.

... What?

Why does his heavy spear have 50 uses?

... What? Oh, whatever. It's time for the final showdown! Good vs... Okay, Stupid vs Nonsensical! I'd say pick a final boss song, but really, you're probably better off with something much goofier. Like this, maybe.

If nothing else, Mig64 can be applauded for leaving this unaltered.

I've always loved the boss conversations in FE games.

That blink sprite makes Lilian look really smug about this.

Hell yeah.

... Okay, never mind, fuck Mig64.

And then he - ... I don't actually know. Why is Rex Hasta a 1-2 range weapon? Why is Lilian taking 0 damage from it? Why does it have 100% accuracy?


And... why is Lilian poisoned, too?

Don't the brave and poison effects kind of run counter to each other? What's going to survive four hits?

Oh, whatever. I'm not even going to bother looking at the weapon's stats, I have that little respect for whatever the hell this is supposed to be.

And so...

With this...

It ends.

Maybe things would have gone better for you if anything about you made any logical sense, champ.

... Of course.

(Update's going to be split in two parts, epilogue and other stuff coming shortly)