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Fire Emblem: Different Dimensions: Ostian Princess

by Endorph

Part 13: Chapter Final: Mighty Uther Part 2/Lilian Ending

Lilian got very, very lost in the halls. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Dammit, Mig64, we already got on MK404's ass for self-inserting.

'This did not prevent him from shaving, putting on some de-aging make-up, and going to hang out in a random house.'

Well, okay.

He told me that his anus was bleeding. It was terrible.

He doesn't even look sick. Lyn's grandfather in the original FE7 looked like a reanimated mummy, which fit the 'poisoned as shit' aspect. Hector here looks like a man in his prime.

'The retarded swords... the vanishing End Turn commands... the Fire Emblem Game Parties...'

No, Lilian's going to fuck off and leave her grandpapa to die alone and unloved.

The Ostian army, going by the chapters we see them in in FE6/7, is literally nothing but armor knights and mages. Hate to tell you this, Sephyz, but Sword Knights don't exist in the GBA games.

And thus, the first Ostian Princess fanfiction was born.

Because I'm writing it.

Great for you, Santangelo...?

Legions? There's twelve of us. We barely constitute a brigade.

I know! Feels like it's been nearly half a year.

I've learned how not to hack a ROM, I'll give you that much.

Lilian did not give a shit, apparently.

Subcommander of the Ostian Knights: A ten year old mage.

What fear of men? You edited that out, Mig.

Good for you, Santangelo!

I wonder if they had a kid. 'I'll pick my baby wipe... and WIPE!"

I guess he's sticking with the Laus story.

Good for Corsa. Nobody cares about you, Corsa. You don't even get a title.

Well, his whereabouts are definitely a mystery. Is he in Santaruz? Laus? Ostia? Even the hack can't decide!

What musical skills? He was a knight!

Study? I thought The Lord knew all.

He would go on to establish San Diego. You can't prove me wrong on that.

Well, all she needs is a Restore staff and she's good to go.

In addition to Lilian, you can also see this random lady.

I guess I have to, huh.

POSSIBLE FUTURE? Is this another possibility of the Continuum Shift?

You all have no idea how tempting NO!!! is. But I must soldier on.