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Fire Emblem: Different Dimensions: Ostian Princess

by Endorph

Part 14: Bonus Update: Version 0.9: fixed unearthly screaming of a thousand damned souls when Zack gains a level

So I guess he was our Eliwood replacement. ... Wait, so our Lord is starting the game as a level 10 Assassin? This is some Sigurd shit.

That means your grammar is as atrocious as ever.

Okay, two things:

First: No.

Second: What is with this you = OU thing? We've seen it three times now. Did he fuck up a find/replace somehow, is this some sort of in-joke I don't get? I'm really eager to know.

That sounds more like a threat, Mig64.

Can I get a very beta version of you learning how commas work?

Wait, so you think that you were making wide, sweeping changes in Lyn's story? Holy hell.

But the future refused to change.

All the dialogue here is standard for Eliwood's prologue, just with Eliwood find/replaced.

And... Eliwood/Enemok's mom getting recolored, for some reason. I'd say it was to try and explain Enemok's green hair, but his mom's hair isn't even the same shade of green as his. Hell, her hair is barely green to begin with.

Marcus, you're a level 1 Paladin, and Enemok is a level 10 Assassin. I think you can handle it.

... Wait. Eliwood? How the hell do you actually manage to fuck up a find/replace? It's a find/replace!

Okay, here's where things get retarded. See those green units? Those are ours. Meaning

A) This is just a glorified cutscene, as I have no player units to actually control. The AI is just playing with itself, basically.

B) I can't check stats or weapons.

C) I get to watch some overpowered NPCs destroy some level 1 brigands.

D) This hack blows.

Also, everyone is promoted, and Marcus is a general. Don't ask why, for the answer brings with it insanity.

And Mundo comes in, because we need another general. His sidekick, badly recolored Murdock, is also a general. Three recruited generals in one map. That's one more general than there are in FE4 and FE7. In one map, because there's so little room for variety with them. If you make one with only decent Defense, than they're usually pretty bad. The general's low speed cap and low move hampers them for any sort of actual offensive role. Unless you're using Gatrie in FE10.

Then again, just about every unit in FE10 is broken as fuck. Even Lyre.

Wait, your first name is Jefferson? What the hell is your last name then?

And no, seriously, there's no threat here. It's just watching overpowered NPCs run wild.

Though I do at least get to report that Mundo actually landed a hit. Good for him!

Jefferson is not so lucky. How the hell is he managing 0 hit?

Here's Marcus's sprite, just in case you wanted to see Wallace's sprite with fungus growing on it.

And then the game just ends when the boss dies. No dialogue. Great hack!

Actually, okay, no, fuck that.

Thank you, GameFaqs user CharlieF, for uploading a 100% save.

Oh, there's that Zanatta mentioned in Santangelo's supports. Let's take a sneak peek at them, while we're here!