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Part 16

Welcome to the

Fire Emblem Different Dimensions Bonus Update!

Since this is just some links and quotes I won't SSLPtester it. Anyway!

The hacker's first language seems to be spanish, yeah.

Also on that site, you can find his page for Ostian Princess! Note that it has some minor gameplay spoilers down at the bottom.

With a greater (and more poorly formatted) plot summary...

this dude posted:

A young girl who looks a lot like her mother when she was young, Lilian is daughter ofboth Lilina and Monke, a former member of the Djute Clan.

He left his clan because it was getting involved in way too many conflicts across the Sacae Plains, and later was accepted into the Lorca tribe alongside his wife and child.

Monke decided to join the Lorca because they were the most peaceful tribe he could find. He needed such peace in order to take good care of Lilian and Lilina.

Time passed, Lilina died and Monke became chieftain of the Lorca, meanwhile,

Lord Uther of Ostia, who was thought to be dead, returned to his realm and reclaimed the throne from his brother, Hector.

Both Lilian's and Uther's destines shall now cross their path, patch this hack if you wish to find out how...

Note that I'm somehow even more confused. I seriously think this guy doesn't get that FE7 is a prequel to FE6.

and Patch Notes. That's right, this dude bugfixed this fucker!

this dude again posted:

Bolt has a smaller number of uses, so it's not so overpowered.
Nerfed some character's initial weapons.

Note that at no point did this dude bother to fix, say, the many completely broken stats. God, imagine what version 0.9 must have been like.