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Part 8: My Castle (Chapter 7)

For the sake of not dragging out updates I'm going to be doing my unit analyses in-between chapters, alongside any My Castle content that would bloat any update I tried to include it in. I'll also be doing little writeups for each class because why not. This rapid pace of updating proooobably isn't going to continue for much longer when things start getting complicated, so don't get used to it : p

I didn't explain it before, but My Castle is where we'll be spending time between chapters. It's where you buy weapons, items, forge stuff, etc. Each Castle gets one random ore and one random food item associated with its route. Emeralds are used to forge bows, Milk is used to cook dishes that temporarily increase speed. Without access to other castles it's pretty difficult, but not impossible, to get other resources.

Feeding milk to Lilith, our friendly dragon/fish/maid, boosts her stats and will occassionally reward you with a gift of gold. Lilith can't be deployed in regular battle but she will appear as a green unit in optional battles within our castle. According to my own ruleset there are exactly 3 times I can do battle in my own castle. In all of those cases I expect Lilith to instantly get destroyed by enemies so as to not waste any of my EXP!

I had a choice between a weapons shop and a staff store, and I went with the weapon store. Someone's going to want this Bronze Axe for later... but who?

Corrin & Jakob grab a C support they unlocked during the game's early chapters. Seeing as the two of them are currently my only playable units, they'd better get along...

Here they are, the gruesome twosome. Corrin is a little slow but doing quite well in her magic. Jakob... seems fine? I don't know if he'll be seeing much more combat but I know he's gotten some nice stats.


Now that Corrin has reached her true potential as a human/dragon hybrid, it's time for a litte summary of the Nohr Princess class!

Nohr Princess
Promotes into: Nohr Noble
Swords (B), Dragonstones (B)
Base stats: 17 HP, 7 STR, 3 MAG, 4 SKL, 5 SPD, 2 LCK, 5 DEF, 2 RES, 5 MOV
Growths: 15% HP, 15% STR, 10% MAG, 10% SKL, 10% SPD, 10% LCK, 10% DEF, 5% RES
Skills: Nobility (20% more EXP earned), Dragon Fang (Skill x 0.75% chance adding half of user's attack power to existing damage dealt)

Nohr Noble
Swords (A), Dragonstones (A), Tomes (B)
Base stats: 18 HP, 8 STR, 6 MAG, 4 SKL, 7 SPD, 2 LCK, 6 DEF, 6 RES, 6 MOV
Growths: 15% HP, 10% STR, 15% MAG, 5% SKL, 15% SPD, 5% LCK, 5% DEF, 15% RES
Skills: Draconic Hex (lowers all enemy stats by 4 after combat), Nohrian Trust (unit can activate combat skills such as Luna owned by a supporting unit)

Very balanced stats all around for a class exclusive to your avatar, that's not too much of a surprise. Corrin's weakness to Wyrmslayers comes from a property unique to them (and their children), not this class, so you'll keep it even if you reclass out of it. This class tree works perfectly fine for your Corrin but you may want to specialise later in game. Of course if you're a tryhard you probably ditched this class the instant you could to make your Corrin a Wyvern Rider.

Nohr Noble leans heavily into magical stats and speed at the expense of physical stats and bulk, so non-magical Corrins may want to reclass to something else. Thanks to the Levin Sword you can take advantage of your magic stat without dragonstones or tomes, so don't feel like you have to raise your tome rank to use magic.